DC Has Revealed Its New Movies Slate, And It Looks Incredible

Justice League

Way back in 2014, Warner Bros officially announced that it was entering the cinematic universe game with a lineup of DC films that would comprise the DC Extended Universe. Three years later, a lot has changed, from some projects being delayed to due behind-the-scenes issues to others being prioritized. Well, after numerous movie announcements, Warner Bros has finally unveiled its updated slate of DC movies, and we can't help but get excited. They are as follows:

Justice LeagueAquamanShazamSuicide Squad 2The BatmanJustice League DarkBatgirlGreen Lantern CorpsThe Flash: FlashpointWonder Woman 2

Warner Bros showed off quite a bit of DC content at its presentation today, including a new Justice League trailer and Aquaman footage. But this updated slate finally clues us in on exactly what is coming post-2018. DC hasn't been shy about adding new movies to the DCEU, and while we already knew about most of the entries on this list, now we know for sure that they're being prioritized. Given that Justice League is being released in November, Aquaman is coming out in December 2018 and Shazam is reportedly aiming for a 2019 release, it's possible that Warner Bros presented the slate in chronological order, although that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Without a doubt the biggest surprise on this list is Flashpoint, which will be based of the 2011 event of the same name. Flashpoint was about Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, traveling back in time to prevent his mother from being killed, only to come back to a present where the world was a twisted version of his normal reality, from Thomas Wayne being Batman to Atlantis and Themyscira embroiled in a war that's devastated half the globe. That story ended with the DC Comics universe being rebooted for the New 52, so no doubt this theatrical adaptation will present its own unique reality change. Whether the Flashpoint movie is intended to be Justice League 2's replacement or a separate epic remains to be seen.

Some of the movies teased today, like Shazam and Green Lantern Corps, have been part of DC and Warner Bros' plan for years, while others, like Batgirl and Suicide Squad 2, are newer to the party. It's especially good to see Wonder Woman 2 listed given how critically and commercially its predecessor has been this summer. Among the notable absentees from this slate announcement are Gotham City Sirens, Black Adam, Cyborg, Nightwing and another Superman movie. Given that most of these movies have directors or stars attached, presumably they're just coming later down the line and have not been scrapped entirely. Rest assured, if the slate undergoes any other changes, we here at CinemaBlend will be sure to let you know.

The DCEU continues on November 17 with the release of Justice League, and Wonder Woman is still playing in theaters.

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