Over the course of the last century, few villains (comic book or otherwise) have become more instantly recognizable than The Joker. Gotham's clown-themed super villain has carved his way into the imaginations of fans all over the world and established a silver screen legacy that's second to none. Given that long history in the annals of pop culture, we suppose it's not surprising to learn that a movie exploring his history is officially on the way.

That said, although a recent Deadline report indicated that Warner Bros. and DC want to go all in on an origin story film for The Joker, we think there are better options available. With that in mind, we have put together a list of Joker stories that DC should look at for solo films before diving into an origin. Check out our list, and make sure to let us know what iconic Joker story you want to see come to life!

Joker's Favor

Batman: The Animated Series produced a vast array of fantastic Joker stories during its run, but one of the most consistently praised of the bunch is "Joker's Favor." Keeping Batman at an arm's distance, the story focuses on The Clown Prince of Crime as he stalks a perpetually unlucky man named Charlie Collins for two years after Collins makes the mistake of yelling at Joker in a road rage incident. In exchange for Charlie's life (and the life of his family), Joker makes the bumbling Gothamite promise to do him one single favor whenever the clown calls upon him. "Joker's Favor" is a fan-favorite entry in the canon of Mark Hamills Joker, and it shows just how insane the supervillain can be without racking up a massive body count.

Death of the Family

Of all the Joker stories ever told within the pages of DC Comics, Death of the Family is arguably the most gruesome of the bunch. Following the surgical removal of his face (which he keeps fastened to his head with a belt), a dark and twisted Joker takes his obsession with Batman to the next level by focusing his efforts on eliminating The Bat Family. The goal of this sadistic game? To show Batman that his allies make him weak and Joker is the only other person in Gotham who keeps him at the top of his game. Batman ultimately emerges victorious at the end of this particular arc, but the impact of Joker's plot reverberates through Nightwing Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and the rest of The Bat Family.

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