One Of Batman's Most Beloved Characters Is Dead In Batman v Superman

While we don't know much about Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice's actual plot, we have a couple bits of information here and there to think over. Coincidentally enough, this darker than normal looking superhero movie seems to have one running theme through most of the news we've heard coming off of the set. That theme happens to be death.

Warning! Possible Batman v Superman spoilers follow!

Originally word was that by the time of Batman v Superman, Robin has died, and his passing deeply affected Bruce Wayne. Now though, word from Badass Digest is that it's not Robin who died in the history leading up to the film, but Commissioner James Gordon. Apparently drafts involving Robin's death at the hands of the Joker were only in play in the run up to production. By time the film went in front of cameras earlier this year, Robin was switched out for Gordon.

So why would Zack Snyder swap the death of Robin for the death of Gordon? Well it could be that he's taking notes from the higher ups and shaking things up so Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice isn't just a run of the mill comic adaptation. Or maybe Jena Malone's casting as Robin is, in fact, valid. After all, it wouldn't be the first Dark Knight Returns aspect Snyder used in the film, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. In which case, I wouldn't get too attached to Jeremy Irons' Alfred, if I were you.

Killing off Commissioner Gordon is a pretty brass balls move for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to take with its storyline. While the traditional "Death In The Family" storyline has been rumored for quite a while after the first Robin rumors flew, the fact that Jena Malone is possibly our new Robin is enough for Zack Snyder to not want to taint the character with any sort of somber memories. In this case, Jim Gordon may have given his life for the sake of Robin's super hero career, at least film wise, anyway.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice wrapping filming in the past week, it's amazing that this detail, if true, somehow managed not to be spoiled by now. If you want to hear an outlandish theory of why this is surfacing now, then you're going to love the following chain of thought. With Commissioner Gordon's death assumed to be at the hands of The Joker, and with The Joker recently finding a new actor to play him in Academy Award Winner Jared Leto, is it possible that Leto's first appearance as the clown prince of crime could come in Batman v Superman?.

This is massively speculative, but considering that Suicide Squad is the next film on the docket for the DC Cinematic Universe, it wouldn't be all that surprising if there's some sort of link being groomed to connect that feature with Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (outside of a rumored appearance by Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor). We'll see what happens when Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice opens on March 25, 2016; as well as Suicide Squad,, which will release on August 5th of the same year.

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