One Classic Star Wars Aspect Will Barely Be In The Last Jedi, According To Rian Johnson

There might not be a more anticipated movie this year than Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There's plenty of good reasons for people to be excited, but die hard fans better brace themselves because Rian Johnson has confirmed his movie will have the least amount of wipe transitions in the whole series. Star Wars movies have always favored wipe transitions as their preferred artistic choice for going from scene to scene. Certain movies could indulge in these a bit too much, and Johnson asked fans on Twitter what Star Wars movie they thought had the most wipes.

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One of the weirder traditions of the Star Wars movie, the wipe transition has been present multiple times in all the movies across the series. Director Rian Johnson shared the information that A New Hope had a total of 31 wipes, while Empire Strikes Back upped the ante with 42. The youngest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, was a bit more conservative in its wipes and J.J. Abrams only put in 14 total. But what about The Last Jedi? How many wipes can we expect to transport us around a galaxy far far away? Rian Johnson revealed on Twitter that his movie would only have 12 wipe transitions.

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Only 12 wipe transitions in the whole movie?! This movie is gonna suck, amirite?

Obviously, this is not a big deal at all, but it's a fun piece of trivia nonetheless. For comparison, The Phantom Menace has the most transitions of any Star Wars movie with 55 total wipes. Whether it's going left to right, up to bottom, or corner to corner, you can always count on some kind of wipe transition in a Star Wars film.

It may not have a ton of wipe transitions, but The Last Jedi has plenty of other goodies to keep fans at peace. The movie will be introducing a few updated takes on classic Star Wars vehicles, as well as re-introducing Luke Skywalker to the masses. The film continues the story of Rey as she trains under the hermit-like Skywalker, while Finn, Poe, Leia, and new character Rose deal with a resurgent First Order. Not much more is known about the plot, but it will fill in more gaps about Rey's parentage and the events that caused Luke to lose faith in the Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will wipe transition into theaters on December 15, 2017. To learn more about the movie, here's everything we know so far.

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