The One Thing That's Definitely Not Wrong With Kong: Skull Island, According To The Director

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Kong: Skull Island was a theatrical hit when it hit theaters this spring, doing well both domestically and internationally at the box office. Although it was noted for its cast, over-the-top spectacle, and refreshing soundtrack, there were some people who enjoyed pointing out loophooles in the movie's plot. However, there's one thing that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts says the audience is getting wrong. During a recent appearance in an Honest Trailer, Vogt-Roberts said that the number of helicopters that Kong demolished near the beginning of the movie were in fact accurate to what was seen on the boats. He said:

Look, everybody thinks that there's some issue where there's more helicopters during the sky than there are on the boat, and Kong takes down an infinite amount of them. Guess what? You're wrong. There's a shot in the movie where the camera goes around the boat and you see the back of the boat. And guess what's in the back of the fucking boat? Helicopters. What's on the side of the boat? More helicopters. What's the boat fucking made out of? Fucking helicopters.

If you've seen the movie, you should know that a large number of military and science-y individuals come together to go to Skull Island. There are a lot of people and even more equipment that have to get taken from boats and placed onto helicopters to make it onto the island. Which means there are a lot of helicopters that are supposed to fit on what seem to be relatively small boats in comparison. Regardless, Jordan Vogt-Roberts told Screen Junkies that he may have missed some other details in Kong: Skull Island, but under no circumstances did he mess up that epic helicopter scene.

The reason he said he was super careful with that scene was because it was super visually appealing and fun for fans of any movies in the monster genre. In fact, according to Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who doesn't want to see Kong messing with helicopters?

You know why? Because you want to see Kong grabbing a fucking helicopter. You want to pay $15 for him not to fucking use the helicopter like a fucking baseball bat? The helicopter math makes fucking sense!

So, there you have it. The helicopter math reportedly makes sense, and in case you want to see the shot he's talking about above, regarding exactly how it makes sense, you can watch the full Honest Trailer, below.

You can next catch King Kong in action when Godzilla vs. Kong hits theaters in 2020. To find out more about what to expect from that movie, head here. If you haven't seen it yet, Kong: Skull Island can currently be seen on Blu-ray and Digital.

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