The Biggest Sci-Fi Influences On The Osiris Child Will Excite Fans

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Science fiction is a genre known for blending homages with flourishes of creativity. Most sci-fi properties innovate and bring something new into the equation, but it's also a landscape ripe with tributes to earlier works. With the release of Shane Abbess' The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One, that homage is on full display. In fact, I recently spoke to the film's star Kellan Lutz about the inspiration for the project, and he explained that much of it stemmed from creating a Star Wars or Star Trek caliber sci-fi film on a relatively lower budget. The Twilight star revealed:

Shane Abbess' vision and his love for sci-fi, and that dates back to the original sci-fi movies. I mean he loves Star Trek. He loves Star Wars. He loves Alien. And I think just paying homage to the basics of what sci-fi is. It's hard with the budget nowadays you need a hundred million dollar budget to wow people, or people think that you do and for Shane, he's like 'I love this stuff. I want to just take it back to all of the ingredients that make a sci-fi movie a sci-fi movie.' And, you know, we're not trying to make this crazy world, even though it looks fantastic. Hat's off to the Australian crew for the special effects and everything. I was really impressed with our budget and how hard they worked and how much talent making that movie looked. Especially the dogfight with the jet fighters and you know the imagery just looks so freaking cool in my opinion. So yeah it just ends with Shane's vision and everyone else's vision to make an awesome movie. A fun one.

In an era defined by CGI and green screen, there's obviously some level of merit to a film that chooses to go the old-school, low-budget route. The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One borrows ample visual and story elements from classic sci-fi mainstays like Star Wars and Alien, and the team used everything available within the Australian-based shooting location to craft something cheap, yet otherworldly. Reminds you of those stories of George Lucas and the A New Hope crew in the deserts of Tunisia, doesn't it?

The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One stars Kellan Lutz as a convict named Sai who escapes from his prison on a desolate colony planet called Osiris. In his travels, he encounters a soldier named Lt. Kane Sommerville on a search to find his missing daughter before military forces orbiting the planet can nuke the population to prevent the spread of an infectious pandemic that turns humans into flesh-eating beasts. As they travel together, we learn more about Sai's mysterious past, as well as what specifically led him to this hellish place. It's a classic adventure movie premise, just blended through the lens of classic science fiction tropes of dystopias, space ships and alien beasts.

In the end, the emphasis on old-fashioned sci-fi seems to have paid off. Although it's not a major, big budget Hollywood production, The Osiris Child has thus far garnered a commendable 67% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the film is currently gearing up for its theatrical and VOD release next month. If you fancy yourself a science fiction aficionado, then it may be worth your time to check it out.

The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One is now available exclusively on DirecTV, and the film will debut in theaters and on VOD on October 6. As for the remainder of the year's films, check out CinemaBlend's comprehensive movie premiere guide!

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