All The Money In The World Trailer: Kevin Spacey Looks Unrecognizable As J. Paul Getty

At this point, Kevin Spacey is an actor who needs no introduction. With his roles in films like Se7en, The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, and even this year's Baby Driver, he has firmly established himself as one of Hollywood's most respectable and recognizable thespians. However, that looks like it's about to change in a major way (the recognizable part, at least), because the first official for Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World has officially debuted, and it appears that Kevin Spacey has truly enveloped himself in his new role as real-life billionaire J. Paul Getty. Check out the trailer below.

Based solely on this trailer, it looks like All the Money in the World is trying to frame Kevin Spacey's version of J. Paul Getty as a Charles Foster Kane-esque figure. The decision to keep him at arm's length for much of the preview helps sell the mystique of the character, and it lends the sense that he's nothing if not eccentric. The film centers its story on the kidnapping of the grandson of the notorious billionaire in 1973, as well as his subsequent refusal to pay the ransom. With no financial rescue on the way, the boy's mother teams up with an investigator to help bring him home as his kidnappers torture and mutilate him. Think Argo meets Ransom.

Beyond Kevin Spacey, it looks like All the Money in the World has put together a fantastic ensemble of performers to tell this particular story. Filling out the rest of the central cast is Mark Wahlberg, Manchester by the Sea's Michelle Williams, and Boardwalk Empire's Charlie Plummer -- all looking far more recognizable than Mr. Spacey in this film. Seriously, the guy looks almost nothing like he usually does on the silver screen.

kevin spacey baby driver all the money in the world

Aside from all of the talent on display in front of (as well as behind) the camera, there's arguably a real possibility that All the Money in the World could become a legitimate awards contender when it debuts later this year. The film's ranks have been packed with enough prestige for us to start taking it seriously when Oscar season rolls around, and its December release date could go a long way towards boosting its chances. Now we will just have to wait and see how audiences respond to it when it finally debuts.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to All the Money in the World as new details related to the project become available to us. Watch out for Ridley Scott's latest drama when it debuts in theaters later this year on December 8.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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