In the modern film landscape, most studios seem to like to play it safe. This means that a large portion of films are based on previously existing, and successful, material. This also means lots of sequels as well as new movies, are based on books, comics, or television shows. It also means studios love remaking other movies.

Most of the time, this means remaking movies that saw massive box office success, as a remake has a good chance of following suit. However, many films that have become quite popular over the years were never major successes in their initial release. These are called cult classics and Hollywood likes to dip into our nostalgia from time to time and remake these movies, as well. While a new version of certain movies has the chance to improve on major issues, here are a few cult classics nobody should ever try to remake because they're perfect... even when they're not perfect. Dear Hollywood: Leave these alone.


Neither of Jim Henson's non-Muppet movies from the 1980s set the box office on fire, but since their initial release, both Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal have been embraced for their creativity and magic. Not only should nobody ever take over the role originated by the great David Bowie in Labyrinth, but we can already guess that any remake would be a CGI nightmare, which flies in the face of everything that made Jim Henson's creation special. Talk of sequels and reboots of this film have circulated over the years. The studio that considers rebooting this should go and lie down and listen to the original film's soundtrack until the urge goes away.

Big Trouble in Little China

This one has us concerned because there have been rumblings that a Big Trouble in Little China remake might actually happen. It's one of the million or so projects currently sitting on Dwayne Johnson's "to do" list. The good news is that we haven't heard much of anything new about this one, which gives us hope the idea has been dropped. Hopefully, nobody will pick it up. This movie was very much a product of its era, and trying to make it today is virtually guaranteed to miss what made the original special. If there's a script for a sequel sitting on a shelf somewhere it should be burned... burned by green flames.

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