The Special Bond Flash And Cyborg Will Have In Justice League

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With Justice League set to debut in theaters later this year, the DCEU is about to go full-blown cinematic universe. We saw hints of this greater DC ensemble in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Zack Snyder's next project will mark the first ever live-action team-up between these iconic and beloved heroes. There's a lot of great dynamics to look forward to (particularly with Joss Whedon punching up dialogue for the reshoots), and it sounds like The Flash and Cyborg will have a definite connection because of their shared similarities. Ray Fisher explained:

Well with Cyborg and The Flash, they do get their powers because of an accident and I think that bonds them in a very specific way, both through the traumas that they've had and through the fact that they're the youngest members of the group.

Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Superman were all born ideally suited to become heroes on Earth. Even Batman (despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his origins) chose to become the dark and brooding protector of Gotham City. By contrast, Barry Allen and Vic Stone were both in the wrong place at the wrong time when they acquired their powers, making them products of chance. Couple that with their lack of experience in the hero realm, and Ray Fisher's comments at San Diego Comic-Con (via the Justice League Twitter account) suggest a very clear connection between these young heroes

Given the friendship shared by The Flash and Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League movie, it leaves us wondering what the initial version of The Flash's solo movie could've looked like. Before the announcement of The Flash: Flashpoint over the summer at San Diego Comic-Con, early reports associated with The Scarlet Speedster's movie (under Seth Grahame-Smith, and then Rick Famuyiwa) suggested that it would've been a buddy movie centering on the two youngest members of the DCEU. If the DNA of their friendship is still apparent in the next DC film, then it leaves the door open for future films to continue exploring it.

Of course, Justice League is about far more than just the bond shared between The Flash and Cyborg. From top to bottom, the entire story looks like a way to get all of DC's biggest heroes introduced to set up future adventures. Specifically, Wonder Woman seems to have leveled out Batman's angrier, murderous side since the days of Dawn of Justice, and Bruce also looks like he's going to foster a sweet little friendship with Aquaman as well. Throw in the fact that (a possibly evil) Superman is also going to show up, and it seems fairly evident that the relationships of these DC heroes are about to become more important than ever before.

The lighting fast and technologically advanced bromance between The Flash and Cyborg will come to fruition when Justice League debuts in theaters later this year on November 17, 2017. Let us know which superhero pairing you're most excited to see in the comments below!

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