Gal Gadot May Find Time To Squeeze In Another Movie Between DC Projects

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While Wonder Woman 2 is still very much coming down the pipeline for Gal Gadot, she's earning her title as an Amazonian princess by taking on a hell of a workload. With one potential project already in the works, it looks like Gadot has found sometime to possibly partake in yet another film throwing her into historical warfare. That project is a World War II revenge thriller entitled Ruin, and it just happens to have a novel concept at its core.

Ruin tells the story of an ex-Nazi captain that is looking for his former SS squad mates in the days after the end of World War II. Although, this isn't going to be a happy reunion, but rather one of revenge, as he's looking to kill his former colleagues to settle a score. Assassin's Creed director Justin Kurtzel will be helming the project, although details about Gal Gadot's potential role are not available at this time. The script is being crafted by Matthew & Ryan Firpo, who are reportedly attempting to make the film similar to Inglorious Basterds

Perhaps Gal Gadot is playing a partner to the lead avenging angel in Ruin, or quite possibly a party threatened, harmed, or killed by his old teammates. This would be another case where hiring Gal Gadot to kick some extra ass would probably help what could have been a typical action film centered on a male protagonist. Though this project does come at an interesting time, considering there's another project on the table for Gadot's potential workload.

Previously, Gal Gadot was mentioned as circling the project Deeper, a film in which Bradley Cooper would play an ex-astronaut discovering the depths of the ocean's furthest trenches. Another project where Gadot's potential role is unspecified, that would mark two projects gunning for the Israeli actor's attention in 2018. It sounds a bit problematic, especially when you consider that Wonder Woman 2 is penciled in for a December 13th 2019 release date. Unless DC moves their film's release date to accommodate a later start date, as well as put some extra distance between them and Star Wars: Episode IX's newly minted December 20th, 2019 debut, it sounds like only one project will win Gal Gadot's participation.

It'll all come down to which film seems like the better opportunity for Gal Gadot, whose star is rising ever higher since this summer's success with Wonder Woman. Now's the time for her to cash in on her popularity, while at the same time going for the roles that would suit her best. There's no specified release date for either project in play, but Deadline has mentioned that Ruin has the advantage of looking to start production early next year. If you're curious about what films are already penciled in to actually debut throughout that timeframe, check out the 2018 release schedule for further details.

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