Jamie Lee Curtis Admits She Made The Halloween Theme Her Ringtone

Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis

John Carpenter's theme from Halloween is unquestionably iconic. It's certainly a minimalist piece of music, centered around single notes played on a synthesizer, but is immediately recognizable to any cinephile after just a few bars. As you would expect, it's a piece of music that star Jamie Lee Curtis can't run away from, but she doesn't seem to mind given that she actually made the piece the ringtone on her phone. Talking about the theme, she recently said,

Yes, it's played me onto myriad talk shows. Yes, as soon as you could put a ringtone on your phone, I put [it] on my phone. I mean, come on --- how can you not?

The Los Angeles Times recently published a feature about the music of John Carpenter - who has left film directing behind in favor of the medium - and a portion of the article is dedicated to what is the artist's most popular addition to the world of movie scores. Speaking with Jamie Lee Curtis on the subject, the actress complimented Carpenter's compositions - using adjectives like "clear," "lean," "spare," "scary," and "evocative" - and noted that her 40-year relationship with the music continues to this day.

Of course, while a ringtone is nice, Jamie Lee Curtis' connection to the Halloween franchise is going to get much more intense in the next 12 months. As we learned a few weeks ago, she is planning to make her comeback as Laurie Strode in the new Halloween film that is currently in development, and will be reuniting with John Carpenter, who is serving as a producer. Director David Gordon Green, who has made a wide variety of different movies including George Washington, Pineapple Express, and Your Highness, is set to helm the reboot/sequel, and has been co-writing the script with long-time collaborator Danny McBride.

It would be insane for the new Halloween movie not to bring back the classic theme song, so we'll surely be hearing it a lot as part of the film's marketing next year. Instead of waiting, however, why not get in the seasonal mood now and listen to it below? Tis' the season!

The newHalloween is currently in pre-production, and while it hasn't exactly filled out its full cast yet, we do know that Judy Greer is on board to play Laurie's adult daughter, Karen Strode. We're keeping a close eye on the film's development, so stay tuned for updates here on CinemaBlend, and start getting ready for the movie's launch a little over a year from now on October 19, 2018.

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