Halloween Just Added Another Big Actress

Judy Greer in Halloween reboot

Next October, Halloween will see itself relaunched with a sequel that sounds more like a wholesale write off of any sequel past the first two films. This is some pretty good news, as it allows Jamie Lee Curtis to return for a (supposedly) final time to play one of her most memorable roles: Laurie Strode. So since the timeline of Michael Myers' history is about to get fudged again, there's room to introduce some new and exciting characters, such as Laurie's daughter, Karen. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the best part about this news is that Judy Greer is in the running to play said role.

Talks are in the early phases for Greer to join Halloween's brand new refresh, which sees David Gordon-Green and Danny McBride writing, and Gordon-Green directing this latest trip to Haddonfield. Taking an opportunity to forget Curtis' other appearances in the franchise, such as 1997's Halloween: H2O and Halloween: Resurrection, this allows Judy Greer to come in with a fresh slate to work with when it comes to her character. And considering her body of work spans from impressive motion capture roles in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to comedies like 13 Going On 30 to even another '70s horror revamp in the Carrie remake, the folks in charge couldn't be pursuing a more well versed actor for their cast. Though her casting does indicate some interesting possibilities for this new film.

Considering Judy Greer is a decently well-known name when it comes to general recognition by the moviegoing public, one would assume that her potential Halloween gig would be a major component to the film's story. With Michael's obsession with Laurie driving him to seek her out, there's a chance that Greer's Karen could serve as one of two catalysts to the new film's action. Option one is that she might be a major kill, which would both frighten and motivate Jamie Lee Curtis's legendary hero to mount up and hunt her brother down. The other, and more desirable option, would be that Karen would be introduced to help her mother fight her uncle off on this latest fateful Halloween night.

Of course, with this possibility comes the chance of Laurie facing her end at the hands of Michael, leaving Judy Greer's new character to inherit the franchise from that point on. Seeing as even Jamie Lee Curtis herself is touting Halloween's 2018 soft reboot as one last time at bat, and taking into account how successful this new film could be, there's obviously going to be thought of where a potential franchise would go. So why not write in a new character to take over, once Laurie Strode has helped us all get familiar with Michael again? Again, talks are early according to information from Deadline, but if this sort of scenario has been teased to Greer and her people, we'd like to think there's a good chance for her to sign on.

If you're looking for some Judy Greer-inclusive entertainment at the moment, she can now be seen in the Netflix original, Our Souls At Night. As for this project, still simply titled Halloween, you'll have to wait for the film to be released on October 19, 2018. But if you're looking to visit some other cinematic destinations before this frightful occurrence, feel free to plot a course with our 2018 release date schedule.

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