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Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a banner year this year with Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and now, this weekend's Thor: Ragnarok. The third film in the Thor franchise has already bowed overseas, making a tidy little sum, and is expected to continue its success domestically. It now appears that the God of Thunder is besting his MCU brethren as Thor: Ragnarok is outpacing Spider-Man: Homecoming in ticket sales. Despite the often predicted, never-seen specter of superhero fatigue, often the biggest competition these days for comic-book films are other comic-book films so it makes sense to compare them.

Thor's colorful cosmic adventure is actually out-selling the web-slingers reintroduction at the same point in their respective sales cycles. Thor: Ragnarok is currently predicted to debut between $100-$118 million, per a Fandango report over at Variety, whereas Spider-Man: Homecoming came in with $117 million when it opened in July. Thor: Ragnarok could clear $400 million worldwide by Sunday. This is no doubt thrilling for not just Marvel but theater owners as well because, despite the weather, October has proven rather chilly at the box office. None of the horror flicks meant to capitalize on the spirit of the season quite reached the heights of others in the genre this year. Blade Runner 2049 also failed to ignite the box-office despite stellar reviews.

Constantly comparing superhero movies to one another can prove problematic, as it often becomes a bitter contest among people who are all fans of the same stuff. However the comparison of box office numbers among superhero films is valid and useful conclusions can be drawn from such comparisons. This shows that fans still have an appetite for this content and the Thor character still, even if previous installations are not critically acclaimed.

Thor: Ragnarok is no doubt being buoyed by solid reviews and what should be excellent word of mouth. A film that is just pure fun and makes an audience laugh can drive more people to see it as well as repeat viewings. Audiences are also surely eager to see Hulk and Thor return to the big screen as those characters sat out during Captain America: Civil War. This film will also be screening in 3D, which means higher ticket prices. (You can check out or 3D review here.) Thor: Ragnarok should have pretty smooth sailing at the box office, too, with only Murder on the Orient Express coming up, too. That smooth sailing will only last for two weeks though when the heavily-anticipated Justice League finally arrives.

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Be sure to check out everything you need to know before seeing Thor: Ragnarok and you can pre-order your tickets to see the film this weekend here.

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