It's rare when a Saturday Night Live cast member can make a successful jump from weekly sketch comedy to feature film comedy. Will Ferrell did so, and in an uber-successful way. With tons of notable appearances spanning from the late 90's to today, Ferrell has had as many successes as a leading man as he has with cameos that steal the show.

Whether Get Hard will be added to the comedian's list of memorable films will be determined after its release. To prepare us for the much-hyped team-up with Kevin Hart, we’ve revisited Ferrell’s resume and selected our 15 favorite showstoppers. There are some deep cuts, as well as some no brainers, with some surprises included along the way for flavor. So pour a glass of Scotch, ready your packs of Big Red, and whatever you do… DON’T touch the drum set.

15. Big Earl, Starsky and Hutch
Cameos are harder than they look, especially those of the comedic variety. Yet time and time again, Will Ferrell has made supporting and cameo roles the best part of films that people can't forget about after they’ve left the theater. Starsky And Hutch’s Big Earl is a perfect example of a film that was forgotten in wholesale, but still holds a dear place in our minds. Right next to that part we don’t talk about involving what dragons can or cannot do. Both creepy and hysterical, Ferrell makes the best of a meh situation.

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