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Justice League

Earlier this year the Wonder Woman movie took theaters by storm, becoming the biggest movie in the DC film universe so far. However, the next entry is almost here and it's already looking like it may top the Amazon's solo effort. A couple of days before release, Justice League has done more business in pre-sale tickets than Wonder Woman did at the same point, which would indicate that Justice League is looking at a bigger opening weekend, getting the massive team up off to a great start at the box office.

There was a great deal of hype surrounding the debut of Wonder Woman, as the film marked the first time a woman led a superhero movie since the current mass popularity of the genre. This led to a lot of pre-sale tickets. However, according to Fandango, Justice league is currently outpacing the numbers that the previous DC film put up, which is good news for the DC universe as a whole.

It's not necessarily that surprising that Justice League is doing better with a team-up movie than Wonder Woman did alone. We'd expect many of the same people who bought their tickets to Wonder Woman early to do the same here. The film was by far the best received of the DC movies so far so anybody who was excited to see her in June is probably just as excited to see her again in November. However, when you add on fans who are excited to see Batman again, or those looking forward to the new characters like The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, the number of interested parties grows by quite a bit.

What those fans of Justice League who have already purchased their tickets are going to get is starting to become clearer. Reviews are starting to appear online and while many of them are pointing out significant issues the movie has, many, such as our own Conner Schwerdtfeger, also say that the movie has a lot of fun in it. This will likely be good news for those who have pre-ordered their tickets, as they are clearly among the most passionate fans.

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Justice League's box office success is essentially a foregone conclusion. It's going to make a lot of money, it would take something fairly remarkable for that to not happen. How it ultimately stacks up against other DC movies, and other movies in general, is interesting, but it won't be the determining factor for anything significant. As long as Justice League is profitable in its own right, something which it almost certainly will be, the DC universe will continue on, though, beyond Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2, we're not exactly sure what's next for the franchise, or when we're going to see it.