Bob Newhart Reprised His Elf Role For A Local TV Commercial

It's the week before Christmas, and network and cable networks are playing classic holiday movies essentially non-stop. Freeform is the true MVP of the season, having played nothing but classic Christmas movies for the majority of the month. This includes plenty of nights full of the 2003 Will Ferrell classic Elf. Elf is a modern classic, and is one of Ferrell's most beloved performances. The entire cast of the film is pretty top notch, including Bob Newhart as Papa Elf, Buddy's adoptive father on the North Pole. And the classic actor has recently reprise his role, in a lottery commercial of all things. Check it out below.

Papa Elf is back, and he's got a few ideas about what you should be giving to your loved ones this year. Let's break down exactly what this fun new commercial shows us cotton headed ninny muggins.

This video promoting Kentucky Lottery is set in the North Pole, with Papa Elf leading a focus group for potential gifts for Christmas. He's assembled a colorful table of folks from the Nice List, and is testing out some new gifts that Santa (I know him!!!) to give out on Christmas Day. The first option is a holiday sweater that seemed tailor made for an ugly sweater party. While the panel originally seem psyched about the accessory, things went awry after the lights and sound that accompanied the sweater was turned on. All but one of the group quickly changed their minds, with the final sweater enthusiast eventually buckling under peer pressure.

Perhaps the best bit comes from scented greeting cards that Papa Elf and his assistant are testing out on the focus group. While Candy Cane and Pine Tree cards seem like a great addition to the holiday, a seemingly more dubious card followed: Reindeer Games. Papa Elf decided it was best to keep this scent private between the other denizens of the North Pole. One has to wonder exactly what these games could be? Is it a euphemism for Reindeer sex? Or are their games a different type of rowdy that you wouldn't want to smell? I guess we'll never know.

Papa Elf in Elf

Bob Newhart has become a Christmas legend from his role in Elf, which is played constantly in syndication throughout the month of December. Papa Elf truly embodies the spirit of Christmas, accepting his son despite his obvious differences from the rest of the elves on the North Pole. And while he's largely absent for the film's second and third acts (save from his narration), he's featured in Buddy's happy ending as the credits roll.

You can likely catch Elf on television quite a few times before the Christmas Holiday arrives. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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