Guess If These Christmas TV Movies Are Real Or Not Based On Their Outlandish Plots

The made-for-TV Christmas movie business is booming. There are several channels (primarily Hallmark and Lifetime) that pump out many of these cheese-filled, feel-good, snow-covered wonders every year for those looking to get into the holiday spirit, and if you're one of the millions of folks that partake in viewing them, we've got the perfect quiz to test your knowledge of movies from the past few years. Below, you will find the plots to a dozen made-for-TV Christmas movies.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide if the plots are for actual movies that aired on TV, or if they are completely, 100% fake. Now, get in there and see what your TV Christmas movie mojo is really made of!

Ready to find out the names of those real movies? Just flip through the answer key!

the mistletoe promise

The Mistletoe Promise (2016)

Two strangers who hate Christmas make a holiday pact to fake being a couple so they can ease their holiday complications. But, spending more time together leads them to see the magic of Christmas.

my santa

My Santa (2013)

A single mother falls in love with a man who plays Santa Claus at her local mall, but doesn't realize that he's actually the son of the real Kris Kringle.


Snowglobe (2007)

A woman who only wants to have a perfect Christmas gets a magic snow globe that sends her to a world where every day is Christmas.

how sarah got her wings

How Sarah Got Her Wings (2015)

When a good samaritan is killed in an accident right before Christmas, a celestial mistake sends her back to Earth as an angel in training to help a needy soul.

a christmas prince netflix

A Christmas Prince (2017)

When a reporter goes undercover as a tutor inside a palace, she gets caught in some royal intrigue and finds love - but will she be found out before she's ready to give up her lie?

the nine lives of christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)

As Christmas nears, a veterinary student and a stray cat make a fireman rethink his life as a bachelor with no attachments.

For the lowdown on when you can see some of these holiday films and many, many more on TV in the coming days, be sure to check out our 2017 holiday movie schedule!

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