Top 10 lists are weird animals. They are reflections of the person writing the list (naturally), and they capture the person's sentiment IN that very specific moment. There are films that will be on my Top 10 this year that might not still be there 5 years from now, when I revisit a particular movie. And there are movies that will grow on my that didn't make my Top 10, but might rocket near the top of the chart if I built the list years from now.

The same can be said for the 10 movies that CinemaBlend gave a perfect 5-star rating to in 2017. They reflect how our critic felt at the time (and we hope still stands by the review in question). But it was fun to look back over the year and see how many 4.5-star grades we gave to movies like Get Out, Stronger, IT and, yes, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Might they change over the years? Possible. But for now, these are the 2017 movies that earned perfect 5-star reviews from our stable of critics. Which ones did we miss on?

A Cure for Wellness

Gore Verbinski pushes Dane DeHaan to the limit -- mentally, and physically -- in a gothic noir thriller that caught the eye of our own Mike Reyes. The production design and brilliant sound mix pulled us into Verbinski's Wellness web (this is the Bioshock movie Gore never got to make). Now that he has Gambit on his radar, we have high hopes for the card-throwing mutant's solo adventure.

From our review: A Cure For Wellness is what happens when you mix the noir-ish shades of Shutter Island with the Hammer Horror overtones of Crimson Peak, and mix in a dash of Bioshock for good measure. Yet the film never feels too derivative of any of those sources, as the story stands on its own two feet. If anything, with the right mindset, the film also doubles as a political satire, as a spa of eager patrons shut out the modern world in favor of a simpler time. Quite possibly the best compliment that can be paid to the story, a product of the imaginations of Gore Verbinski and co-writer Justin Haythe, is that it's not totally spoiled by the commercials. In fact, it's dense and twisted enough that the best parts aren't even shown in the marketing. How often can one say that?


Hugh Jackman saves the best for last. The actor's farewell to the Marvel mutant he has been playing for years is a brutal, devastating, emotional and -- dare we say -- perfect sendoff to the Uncanny X-Man. In a year of outstanding superhero movies, Logan truly was the tops.

From our review: James Mangold's Logan is the definitive Wolverine movie. Somber, mature, reflective and destructive, Logan arguably could be called the best X-Men movie, period. It is, for sure, the Wolverine movie that lifelong X-Men, Marvel, and superhero fans have been waiting for Hugh Jackman to make -- the "Holy Grail" feature we've routinely been promised, right before something like X-Men: Origins -- Wolverine shows up and disappoints.

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