The year 2017 saw some fantastic movies released into theaters, and fans should take a moment to thank some of the undersung heroes of the industry: the writers. While it's sometimes easy to forget thanks to a blistering performance or awesome direction, scripts are the foundation of what makes a film great, and most of the best material starts on the page. This includes the bulk of the fantastic dialogue that one hears, and it's that particular area of the craft that we're here to celebrate.

We heard many amazing back-and-forths and one-liners on the big screen in 2017, but as we do every year, we have taken on the task of isolating what we see as the 10 best bits of dialogue. Did you favorite make our list? Read on and find out!

"You punched me in the face, you made me walk through shitty water, brought me to a fucking crackhead house, and now... I'm gonna have to kill this fucking clown. Welcome to The Losers Club, asshole!" -- IT

Andres Muschietti and his team of filmmakers made many brilliant decisions in the casting of IT, but picking Finn Wolfhard as Richie proved to be a truly inspired choice. The Stranger Things star did a brilliant job bringing to life the most foul-mouthed member of The Losers Club, and there are countless moments where he elicits a big laugh. Of all his fantastic lines in the movie, however, we're picking the spine-tingler he delivers just as his friends attack Pennywise and save Bill in the final battle.

In the moment, the evil entity that has been haunting Derry, Maine for centuries has the upper-hand, offering to spare everyone if they would be willing to sacrifice Bill. At first it looks like Richie may be preparing to take the deal, noting the horrible things that he's experience under Bill's leadership, but his quick turnaround makes for one of cinema's best moments and lines in 2017.

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