Warning: obvious spoilers for films throughout 2017 are present. If you're worried about spoiling anything from this past year, we implore you to proceed with caution.

If there was anything that 2017 was good for besides movies, it was climactic endings. Some of this year's best films had endings that left us breathless, finales that made us cry with happiness or sorrow, and others that just generally had us screaming a big old "what the fuck?!" In the end, ten films made us feel those very reactions, and they did so because they landed that final, crucial punch. Here now are 10 endings from 2017 that exemplify the best the market had to offer.

Alien: Covenant

The moment that Walter and David's robot fight in the third act started, there was a sneaking suspicion that the maladjusted version of Michael Fassbender that survived Prometheus was going to pull a big switcharoo. But thanks to some frantic editing, a lot of action and the pressing matter of a matured Xenomorph weighing on Alien Covenant's final act, the truth would have to wait for the very end of the film's harrowing finale. Lo and behold, the moment that Daniels was tucked into her cryopod, David revealed how he disguised himself as Walter, and went off to execute the next phase of his plan to destroy humanity. Cue the opera music and a sense of overwhelming, but well earned, dread.


Hugh Jackman promised his days as Wolverine were done past Logan, and with his character's death at the end of the film, it was all but guaranteed. Seeing Laura and her new mutant friends giving Logan the sendoff worthy of a true hero was sad enough, seeing as the crying already started when Logan bid his sentimental goodbye in his dying moments. But for the girl we know as X-23 to go on reciting some extremely appropriate dialogue from Shane, as well as fixing the cross at Logan's grave into an "X" shape? That was the cherry on top of the ugly cry sundae.

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