The DCEU has gone through a series of significant behind-the-scenes changes since its initial inception. What started as a simple platform to launch Man of Steel has consistently evolved with the release of every subsequent movie, and the fallout from Justice League has led to one of the most substantial alterations yet. Specifically, we're referring to the promotion of Walter Hamada to head of DC film production.

Though many of you have likely never even heard of Walter Hamada, we think that his promotion could have some notable implications for the future of the DCEU -- especially with regard to how those implications may relate to James Wan's Aquaman. On that note, let's dive in and discuss what Hamada's new role may tell us about Arthur Curry's first solo adventure ahead of the film's December 21 release!

They Believe In Wan

First and foremost, it needs to be said that Walter Hamada's resume as a producer very much goes hand in hand with the work that James Wan has done as a filmmaker over the years. The two have collaborated on several films over the course of the last decade, and Hamada's promotion inherently seems to imply a sense of faith in the work that James Wan has done as Aquaman's director.

The overall tone of the Aquaman set seems like a proper indicator of this fact. Over the entirety of Aquaman's development, we heard almost no negative stories or bad announcements come off of that set. Everything seems to have gone incredibly smoothly for James Wan's first foray into the DCEU, so from a Warner Bros. point of view, it makes sense that this group of people may now seem like the right crew to back as this superhero world evolves to cope post-Justice League.

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