No Big Plot Reveals For Deadpool 2 Before It's Released

Thanks to the script leaking out and the fact that it was an origin story, Tim Miller's Deadpool was a film that we knew quite a bit about long before it was actually released -- but the same can't be said for the sequel. One of the luxuries of the superhero sequel, with the characters firmly established, is that the story can really go anywhere, and that is most certainly the cast with the untitled Deadpool 2. We know that it will introduce key heroes Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz), but that's just about it. And you know what? We hope that it stays that way.

Not only would it be nice to go into Deadpool 2 not really having any clue what to expect, but the truth is also that the film doesn't really need to explain itself plot-wise. Because the titular Merc With The Mouth is notorious for the way in which he breaks the fourth wall, the Fox marketing team can simply lean on Ryan Reynolds to do a lot of goofy in-character stuff leading up to the newly-minted May 18 release and get audiences just as excited. This worked perfectly with the Wet On Wet teaser that came out in late 2017, and they can just keep doing that until the movie is ready to come out.

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