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Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees

Jason Blum has become known as a kingmaker in the horror genre over the last few years. With a string of spooky hits ranging from Split and Get Out to this October's Happy Death Day, the guy very clearly knows his way around a scary movie. Blumhouse Productions will parlay this success into a reboot of John Carpenter's Halloween later this year, but that upcoming project begs a question about another horror classic that Blum wants a crack at in the near future. As it turns out, Blum recently opened up while promoting the release of Adam Robitel's Insidious: The Last Key and admitted that he wants to see Friday the 13th get the Blumhouse treatment at some point, saying:

Besides Halloween? You know, I really wanted to do Friday the 13th. I would love to do that movie. Maybe someday we'll get do to that one.

A reboot of Friday the 13th has been in the works for years, ever since the widely-panned Friday the 13th from 2009 helmed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Marcus Nispel. Frequent rumors suggested that Platinum Dunes was going back to the drawing board and rework the mythology of immortal slasher Jason Voorhees in a way that would explain his backstory, but Paramount ultimately decided to pull the plug on the project before it could move forward. With Mr. Voorhees seemingly back in hell for the foreseeable future, Jason Blum thinks that the folks at Blumhouse Productions could give the mythology the proper resurrection that it has needed for quite some time.

To say that the Friday the 13th franchise could use the Blumhouse treatment would be a bit of an understatement. The franchise has admittedly seen better days (honestly, it arguably hasn't even been that good since Jason got his hockey mask in Part 3), and it would need to some serious elbow grease to make it work again. That said, if anyone can do it, then Blumhouse feels like a safe company to bet on.

This isn't the first time that Jason Blum has opened up about potential franchise projects that he has wanted to take a shot at. In fact, in the very same interview with CinePOP in which he admitted he desire to see a Blumhouse Productions take on Friday the 13th, he also revealed that he still wants to see a crossover between Insidious and Sinister -- something that has been teased, but never fully realized.

Horror franchises continue to have box office clout and stand up to major blockbuster releases, primarily because they're cheap and tailor-made for the theatrical experience, according to Insidious' Adam Robitel. So, if Blumhouse Productions can keep up the high quality that it has shown in its recent outings (and keep earning the way it has been earning), then it doesn't seem entirely outlandish to assume that it could end up with Jason and Pamela Voorhees on its hands at some point.

If you're currently in the market for a Blumhouse Productions horror romp, then make sure to check out Insidious: The Last Key in theaters now. As for Blumhouse's next horror reboot, Halloween is currently aiming to hit theaters on October 19 -- just in time for (you guessed it) Halloween!