Watch Audiences Get Really Into The Greatest Showman Sing-A-Long Showings

Generally when you go to the movies, you want the people around you to have a great time and enjoy the movie... silently. But a part of going to the movies is the communal experience, and under the right circumstances, that group environment can really heighten your enjoyment. Watching a comedy where the whole audience is cracking up is really fun. Likewise, seeing a Star Wars film on opening night is a blast with all of the die-hard fans cheering for triumphant moments. So for a musical, it makes sense that the audience may want the opportunity to sing along with the film. Normally this would be frowned upon, but at the sing-a-long showings for The Greatest Showman, you're welcome to belt out the memorable tunes, and there's a good chance the stranger next to you will be doing the same. Check out the video below to see the audience at a Burbank sing-a-long showing singing along to "This Is Me".

Wow, I was not prepared for that level of enthusiasm. I thought everyone would be seated, with some of the audience getting into it while others just sort of hummed along. I should have known better. If you go to a sing-a-long screening, that is because you really want to sing. I'm guessing pretty much everyone in the audience for this showing had already seen this film more than once and were likely bursting at the chance to sing out loud without getting thrown out of the theater. You can tell they had probably memorized the songs , so they came fully prepared to take advantage of this sing-a-long screening. They are singing their hearts out and dancing in the aisles, and they even brought souvenir top hats to get fully into the P.T. Barnum character.

The greatest praise this film has garnered has been for its catchy musical numbers, which will no doubt find their way to many a musical fan's Spotify playlists. While musicals, show tunes and singing along aren't for everyone, these fans are clearly saying that 'this is me' and they are unafraid to sing and dance in a theater full of strangers because of their love for this film and how it spoke to them. This level of enthusiasm really lives up to the spirit of The Greatest Showman, and for musical fans who would see this film anyway, the sing-a-long showing seems like a fun way to do so. Take a look below to see another video of the crowd singing along to the opening number, "The Greatest Show."

This is the definition of a communal experience, and everyone looks to be having a blast. With everyone singing and clapping along this more resembles a concert or a large group of fans watching at home than a movie screening. But like any other fandom, gathering with strangers who share the same passion you do creates an immediate bond and comfortability. It's cool to see a theater experience where the more people around you who stand up and start moving around, the more fun you have.

The Greatest Showman is now in theaters. If you found yourself clapping and singing along and you want to go to a sing-a-long screening of The Greatest Showman, you can find location information at the movie's website. For all of the other movies arriving this year, take a look at our release guide and be sure to check before you start singing and dancing in the middle of any of them.

Nick Evans

Nick grew up in Maryland has degrees in Film Studies and Communications. His life goal is to walk the earth, meet people and get into adventures. He’s also still looking for The Adventures of Pete and Pete season 3 on DVD if anyone has a lead.