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Everyone's gearing up for the release of Black Panther, but Marvel is a media machine and is also preparing for the home and digital release of Thor: Ragnarok. The Thor threequel was a huge hit last year, a supremely entertaining and funny movie that spins the Thor franchise on its head. There's already plenty of wacky stuff in the movie, but we can only imagine how weird a scene had to be to get cut. Case in point: a Grandmaster hologram intimately dancing with some tentacles. Check out the deleted scene below.

In the above deleted scene, Thor and Bruce Banner have a heart to heart (or at least try to) over their current state of affairs. On board the Grandmaster's party ship, Thor absentmindedly flips through the "channels" of a hologram projector, and the only thing on is the Grandmaster. He dances and makes odd hand gestures, but Thor can't look away when he flips to the Grandmaster getting close with some tentacles. (There's unfinished CGI here, but that just makes it funnier). Considering that the Grandmaster has an entire ship dedicated to orgies, this tentacle thing is pretty on brand for him.

Bruce Banner arrives with some food and tries to relate to Thor by revealing that he missed the death of his own father. However, Thor's dad was murdered in front of him by a sister he never knew he had and now has to kill, so, Banner's story isn't exactly relatable. Plus, Thor isn't even sure he can kill Hela ("You're Thor, you can kill your sister!"), only for Banner to tell him that his hammer isn't what made him special. He's like Dumbo, a surprisingly spot-on comparison to Thor's current situation. Mjolnir was Thor's magic feather and his lightning powers are his big ears! But Thor probably has never seen Dumbo, so it just sounds like an insult to him.

It's a very funny scene (there are so many jokes!) but I can see why it was ultimately removed from the movie. Banner pretty much hits the same points that Odin makes to Thor later on in the movie, and it makes more sense for Odin to say those things than the Avenger. Plus, the scene may have interrupted the flow of the movie and it doesn't really add anything other than more jokes. It's much more suited to be in the DVD than a theater.

You can relive the humor of Thor: Ragnarok when the superhero movie comes out on Digital on February 20, and DVD and Blu-ray on March 6. For more Marvel movies, be sure to visit our Phase 3 release schedule to find out what else Marvel has down the pipeline.

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