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Aquaman Has Screened For An Audience, Here's What's Being Said

Jason momoa Aquaman

Following his introduction in last year's Justice League, Aquaman is getting ready for his solo outing later this year. An early test screening has reportedly taken place and some of the people in it have talked about what they saw. While the movie was almost certainly in an early phase, a couple of the people who attended the test screening have said that Aquaman is looking pretty good, with solid action and drama.

People who attend audience test screenings are usually required to remain silent about what they saw. However, Batman-News is reporting that they spoke with two different people who attended the test screening and were told that the film had "tons of action," but was also "very emotional." While the sources of this information are anonymous since they're not technically supposed to be talking about what they saw, the test screening apparently did take place, and so there's every reason to believe the information is accurate.

It's great to hear that Aquaman is looking so good. With a cast that consists of Jason Momoa in the title role, along with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, and Willem Dafoe among others, the film had certainly built a rock solid cast. And with James Wan behind the camera, we knew that the movie would be capable of putting together some solid action, but it sounds like there's more to the overall film than simply being a spectacle.

With Aquaman not set to be released until December, this test screening would have been of a very early cut of the film, while some of the digital effects were reportedly completed, many were not. These test screenings are done to try and get a general audience's early reaction to the film. If audiences react poorly to it, it can often mean significant changes to the movie, resulting in scheduling reshoots that could add or remove characters, and potentially drastically change the final product.

If these two sources are representative of the total audience, then it sounds like Aquaman is on the right track and simply needs to finish doing what it's doing.

Aquaman has always been a somewhat divisive character. His power set has often been the butt of jokes and Jason Momoa's version of the character, while very different from the orange and green-clad classic version that many are familiar with, was received with mixed reviews, in much the same way that Justice League as a whole was received.

If Aquaman post-production continues without any major changes we can likely expect a trailer for the film to drop this summer ahead of the film's holiday release. To catch up on DC's next extra, check out everything we know about the upcoming movie.

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