Why Captain Marvel Was A Joy To Write

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers

Sure, Black Panther is currently dominating the box office, and many fans are waiting to see their favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes come together later this year when Avengers: Infinity War debuts, but there's another long-awaited hero on the horizon as well. Captain Marvel's Carol Danvers (portrayed by Brie Larson in the film) is a fan-favorite from the Marvel lore, and it sounds like source material purists will be pleased with her depiction. In fact, CinemaBlend recently chatted with Captain Marvel scribe Geneva Robertson-Dworet about her work on Tomb Raider, and the screenwriter briefly mentioned that Carol Danvers was a blast to write because of how much she enjoys getting in on the action. Per Robertson-Dworet:

Carol Danvers is someone I really enjoyed writing because she just loves kicking ass. She just has the best time, and that's something, hat's off to the comics, that's how she is in the comics and they created an amazing character. She was a joy to write because she's just always having fun. Always funny. Yeah. I had a blast with her.

We have only received brief glimpses of Brie Larson and her portrayal of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, but this description of her character is nothing if not exciting. The 1990s-set Marvel adventure will present the MCU with its first-ever female-driven action romp, and it sounds like Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's film won't make Carol a passive heroine. Captain Marvel "just loves kicking ass," and the description suggests that we will see the confident, hotshot Air Force pilot (with a good sense of humor to boot) that fans of the comics have fallen in love with over the years.

That description of Carol Danvers also seems to promise something that audiences haven't necessarily seen from a female-driven comic book movie in recent years. Although the DCEU technically beat the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the punch with the release of Wonder Woman in 2017, the depiction of Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) was not of someone who "loves kicking ass." In many ways, Wonder Woman is a pacifist who opts for combat as a last resort, but the description of Captain Marvel's main heroine offered up by Geneva Robertson-Dworet seems to promise someone with a brash and kickass sensibility.

Of course, aside from this description and the leaked photos, we still don't know much else about Captain Marvel's core story. We know that it will bring a young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) into the equation and that the film will team her up with Mar-Vell (Jude Law) in a battle against the Skrulls, but we don't have a concrete understanding of how all of those puzzle pieces will fit together yet.

Audiences will get a chance to see Brie Larson step into Carol Danvers' boots and kick some serious ass when Captain Marvel debuts in theaters next year on March 8. As for the rest of 2018, Black Panther is currently in theaters, and you can watch all of Earth's mightiest heroes (not to mention the Guardians of the Galaxy ensemble) come together when Avengers: Infinity War debuts on the big screen on May 4.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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