Warning: SPOILERS for Red Sparrow are in play. If you haven't seen the film yet, bookmark this article and come back once you're current.

As any good espionage thriller tends to do, Red Sparrow engages in quite a few twists and turns throughout its narrative. In particular, the film's third act totally hinges on revelations and actions spurred on by the knowledge they contain, leading to a good portion of the film's finale winding through a spy's labyrinth of betrayal and success. Which is why it seems like a good idea for us to run through the major building blocks of Red Sparrow's shocking finale in order to help show the big picture of what happened, what it means, and why those moments were so surprising to start. So we'll give one last warning before going forward: once you've cleared the next paragraph, you are deep in spoiler country -- so jump out while you can.

Red Sparrow's Central Mystery

CIA agent Nate Nash has an informant in the Russian government, whom we see him botch a meeting with in the beginning of Red Sparrow. After this compromising position, the Russians are curious as to the identity of their mole. It is then decided by Ivan Egorova to send his niece, and recent Sparrow School graduate, Dominika in to seduce and extract that information from Nate. Throughout the film, the key mystery at the heart is "Who is MARBLE?" -- the codenamed operative working with Nate to pass state secrets. Sure enough, in the third act, Dominika obtains this information from MARBLE himself, as he reveals his identity during her recovery from an attack sanctioned by her uncle and his superiors.

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