The Red Sparrow Super Bowl Trailer Proves Jennifer Lawrence Is Out Of Our League

Jennifer Lawrence is unquestionably one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- actresses in Hollywood, so it's only fitting that the ad for her latest film play during what will likely end up being the biggest television event of the year. We are now less than a month away from the release of Francis Lawrence's Red Sparrow, and now we have a brand new look at the film courtesy of the Super Bowl. Feast your eyes on Jennifer Lawrence as a cool Russian spy in the new TV spot for Red Sparrow. Enjoy!

At only 30 seconds (because Super Bowl ads are like crazy expensive), the Red Sparrow TV spot doesn't have much time to show itself off. The commercial focuses much more on the basic plot of the film and letting audiences know the Jennifer Lawrence is a woman who was essentially forced to be an elite Russian spy after witnessing something that she shouldn't have. After crossing paths with Joel Edgeton's CIA agent, Lawrence's mission goes sideways and he urges her to escape her spymasters, which obviously wouldn't be easy. There's not much tease of any of the action like previous trailers, but that's just more to look forward to later. Also, we can confirm that, yes, Jennifer Lawrence is out of Joel Edgerton's league.

Based on the first book in author Jason Matthews' series of novels, Red Sparrow centers on Dominika Egorova, a Russian ballerina who is recruited to attend the Sparrow School - an academy where young women are trained as spies. For her first assignment, she is told to target and seduce a CIA agent (Joel Edgerton) in the hopes of extracting information, but the mission goes sideways when she begins to develop real feelings for him.

This writer is still a bit on the fence about Red Sparrow, which he has accidentally typed as Black Sparrow three times because of all the Black Widow similarities. It seems interesting and it's nice to see Jennifer Lawrence branching out in a mature R-rated, action-heavy role, but there hasn't really been a strong hook outside of the premise. That may just be more a result of a lackluster marketing campaign, so we'll see how it all comes together in when the movie releases in theaters.

Red Sparrow is directed by Francis Lawrence who reteams with his Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence for the new spy thriller. The movie is expected to release in theaters on March 2, 2018, so we don't have to wait too much longer from now. There are plenty of other movies coming out in theaters this year and you can keep track of each of them with our 2018 movie release guide. For more movie news, make sure to keep it right here at CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as soon as it becomes available.

Matt Wood

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