Of Course Dwayne Johnson Owned His Razzie Win Like A Champ

Last night we celebrated Hollywood's best and brightest, but Dwayne Johnson was celebrating a very different win. One of his movies took an award for being one of the worst films of last year. Johnson's movie Baywatch took home a Razzie award the night before the Oscars. While most "winners" of such distinctions just ignore it and move on with their lives, that not what we've come to expect from a guy called The Rock. Johnson took to social media to celebrate the award and graciously accept it. Check out his acceptance speech below.

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To be fair, if you're going to win a Razzie award, Baywatch found the one to win. A brand new Rotten Tomatoes sponsored award for the Razzie nominee So Bad You Loved It. While still a dubious distinction, it still implies that some people enjoyed the movie, if only in that special "so bad it's good" way.

It could have been worse. Baywatch had been nominated for Razzie Awards in nearly every category that was available, but it was able to avoid taking home any other awards. Dwayne Johnson lost the Worst Actor spot to Tom Cruise in The Mummy while The Emoji Movie was the big loser of the evening taking home four awards including Worst Picture.

While Dwayne Johnson's online acceptance speech doesn't beat Halle Berry, who famously showed up to the ceremony to accept her Worst Actress Razzie for Catwoman, it's still a pretty boss move. Accept that you made a movie that wasn't great, and move on with your life. Every actor does, they all survive. With the sheer volume of movies that Dwayne Johnson has been making, basic odds means that a couple are going to turn out less than great and the fact is Baywatch really wasn't all that bad when it's compared to some of the other films that won Razzies.

Dwayne Johnson can probably find some solace in the fact that the same year he released Baywatch he also released Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which has become a massive hit, the latter film is the more recent one, which means most people have probably already forgotten Baywatch was a thing. In 2018 Dwayne Johnson will look to avoid the Razzie in a pair of action movies. His movie based on the arcade game Rampage will be out next month, followed by his Die Hard-esque action film Skyscraper this summer.

It turns out that, contrary to appearances, Dwayne Johnson is not perfect. He does occasionally make movies that aren't great. It's ok, he usually makes up for it, and he's always entertaining, even when accepting awards for his terrible movies.

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