Woman Arrested For Allegedly Striking Toddler With Popcorn Tub During Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally started to come to the end of its theatrical release. The movie has made a lot of money at the box office, and it certainly lives up to the spectacle-oriented reputation of the Star Wars franchise. That said, not all theatrical experiences with the film have been universally positive, as a Long Island, New York woman was recently arrested for allegedly striking a toddler during a screening of the film. You read that correctly, and it is a situation that only gets more bizarre as you learn more details about it.

The ordeal reportedly went down on January 2, but the official arrest was made last week. According to the report, 25-year-old Keri Karman and her father Charlie Karman were arrested following an allegedly violent encounter with Celia Riggs and her daughter Harley at an AMC theater. When the toddler made noise by asking her mother for popcorn, Karman allegedly got angry and confronted the family during the most recent Star Wars movie, going so far as to put her middle finger up to the child's cheek. She then reportedly proceeded to dump her tub of popcorn on Harley and subsequently strike her with the empty container.

Based upon the New York Post's report of the incident, it seems that Keri and Charlie Karman quickly fled the theater following the encounter with the Riggs family, and Celia Riggs then proceeded to exit the theater with her children and mother (her husband was reportedly in the bathroom during the actual assault) and waited for the police to arrive. After the incident, Harley Riggs was crying and left with a bruise from the popcorn tub. Now that they are in custody, Keri and Charlie Karman have both been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

This encounter is not the first incident of violence at a movie theater that we have reported on in recent days. Just last month, the story broke of a man being arrested for firing a gun at a movie theater, as well as a woman who fired a gun outside of a busy theater. There seems to be no shortage of odd stories like these coming out of the world of movie theaters, and we will make sure to bring you more information related to all of these weird happenings as new details become available to us.

Of course, despite this bizarre encounter, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still in select theaters. If you haven't yet checked out the film out for yourself, then take a look at our full review and head to your nearest theater! On the home release side of things, you can catch the film's Digital HD release on March 13, as well as the 4K and Blu-ray release two weeks later on March 27.

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