The Christopher Robin Trailer Is Here, And People Have A Lot Of Feelings

Yesterday we got our first taste of Disney's next live-action adaptation of an animated classic, the Winnie the Pooh follow-up Christopher Robin. It turns out, people have a lot of feelings about it. If you haven't seen the brief trailer yet, check it out below. Although be warned, it's going for an 11 on the adorable scale, you might need to have some tissues nearby.

For the most part, the reaction to the incredibly heartwarming teaser has been seeing a lot of grown adults turn into a blubbering mess at the sound of Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh. It's incredibly touching to see the little bear pop up and watch the look on Ewan McGregor's face. If you have any connection to the Disney version of the character from your childhood, you may have reacted like this guy.

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This is a common reaction, it's certainly the one that I had when I watched it. There's something about that last line of Pooh's about not seeing cracks, but wrinkles, that just broke me into pieces.

Having said that, not everybody has responded to Christopher Robin by turning into an emotional basket case. Some want to see this thing go violent. Specifically, some fans of another CGI bear who has been winning over audiences at the theater want to see the two go toe-to-toe. Who would you put your money on in Pooh vs. Paddington?

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There's a third popular response on social media, which reminds us that for one generation Ewan McGregor will only ever be Obi-Wan Kenobi. The bit from the trailer reminds a lot of people of one particular scene from the prequel trilogy.

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When the trailer hit yesterday the team here at CinemaBlend had a minor freak out over Winnie the Pooh. As it turns out the old Disney animated films and shorts were sort of a big deal for a lot of people. Needless to say, we mostly reacted like this.

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Hopefully, the rest of Christopher Robin turns out to be as powerful as these few seconds, though, if it does, I'm not sure my emotions can handle it. Christopher Robin arrives in theaters August 3.

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