Kong: Skull Island's Director Has A Wild Idea For A Marvel Movie

Kong: Skull Island

When making the argument that there is a comic book movie bubble that will inevitably burst, people often cite that movies in the genre have a certain sameness to them. While this supposed bubble shows no signs of bursting anytime soon, the genre does benefit when there are new and different approaches to stories. Movies like Thor: Ragnarok, Logan and Wonder Woman each did something a little different that made them feel fresh, new and exciting. Well, if you're looking for a novel and interesting cinematic idea, look no further than Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The director has a wild idea for a Marvel movie that sounds both darkly comedic and very different. Take a look:

This is actually a fun idea and would certainly be different than anything we have seen on the big screen before. Following around regular humans as they deal with the realities of costumed heroes, aliens and magic would be quite interesting. But instead of being serious and taking a Watchmen approach and deconstructing the ethics of vigilantism, this movie could take a humorous tack. I feel like the comedy would have to be somewhat dark as well.

If you knew there were people out there with superpowers and you weren't one of them, that would be a huge bummer right? That's like living in the Harry Potter world and never getting your letter, or living in a galaxy far, far away and not being force sensitive; the universe is really shortchanging you. At least one character would have to be constantly failing trying to get bitten by a radioactive spider, finding some super soldier serum or building his own Iron Man suit.

The concept Jordan Vogt-Roberts pitches on Twitter however, is not entirely unheard of. With decades of comic history, there are actually instances where this type of subject has been broached, with some even tapped for potential adaptation. Last year NBC aired the TV series Powerless, a sitcom that focused on a company that sold products for the average person living in a superheroic world. It's a concept that fans were excited about, but it ended up getting promptly cancelled by NBC.

Then there is Damage Control, this Marvel comics series follows the crew that cleans up after superhero conflicts. There was a comedic series in development at ABC of this property, but the status of that project is unclear. Then there is Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' Marvels. This limited series comic depicted some of the most famous events in the Marvel comic universe through the eyes of a street-level everyman. While not comedic in tone like the idea Jordan Vogt-Roberts was suggesting, this series is very well regarded and could be a very interesting film if done well.

It seems likely that at some point we will get something along the lines that Jordan Vogt-Roberts was pitching. I have my doubts that such a thing would find its way to theaters. A TV series or limited series for ABC or Disney's upcoming streaming service seems more likely. But as long as audiences still show up for comic book movies, more of them will get made and new and different ideas like this one will have a better chance of getting made. For all of Marvel's upcoming movies, check out our guide.

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