Lost's Damon Lindelof Is Teaming Up With Blumhouse For A New Movie

Terry O'Quinn

Sometimes, you can be immediately sold on a project simply based on the talent of the people involved, regardless of the premise. Such is the case today with one of the more exciting collaborations in recent memory. The man best known for his work on high-concept series with controversial endings, Damon Lindelof, is teaming with darling low-budget horror studio Blumhouse for a political action-thriller called The Hunt.

The Hunt is coming from both Blumhouse and Universal, and unites Damon Lindelof with several of his past collaborators. Craig Zobel, who directed the Margot Robbie film Z for Zachariah and three episodes of Damon Lindelof's show, The Leftovers, is on board to helm The Hunt. He will be directing based on a script by Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse, the son of Lindelof's Lost partner, Carlton Cuse. Nick Cuse also previously worked with Lindelof on The Leftovers. These Leftovers alums unite with Blumhouse for a movie that seems like something very unique and new to all parties involved. Although the official premise of The Hunt is still a mystery, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the film will use the current climate and tribal divisions in America as a jumping off point that sees the red vs. blue battle escalate into extreme violence.

Nick Cuse, Damon Lindelof and Craig Zobel will all produce the film alongside Blumhouse's Jason Blum. This is an interesting next step for Blumhouse, which has had success with political violence before in The Purge movies. Blumhouse also delivered Get Out last year, a film that did gangbusters at the box office and garnered serious awards consideration, including an Oscar win. Get Out introduced something of a new subgenre of social thrillers that scare and entertain while also providing a thought-provoking and incisive look at today's social issues. The Hunt seems like it could continue on that trend and offer up an interesting take on what happens when two sides that want to kill each other actually act on that impulse.

Damon Lindelof's involvement here is also intriguing, and a big part of what makes The Hunt seem like it will be something different and far more than a Purge-like film. The majority of Damon Lindelof's more recent credits in the film and TV worlds come in the realm of sci-fi, so I wonder if this will be far more complex than a simple left versus right battle in the streets. It is also cool to see Damon Lindelof hopping back into the movie realm after 2015's disappointing Tomorrowland. But Damon Lindelof hasn't left TV behind; he is also involved in HBO's potential, more dangerous, Watchmen TV series based on the iconic graphic novel.

No release date has been set for The Hunt, but we'll keep you updated as we hear more about this timely and intriguing movie. For movies that do have a release date this year, check out our guide.

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