The Blumhouse Horror Film That Truth Or Dare’s Stars Want To Crossover With

Truth or Dare

These days it seems like virtually every studio wants to create an interconnected landscape in the vein of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The tactic is mostly reserved for action blockbusters, but there's clear room to start doing it in the horror realm as well. In fact, during a recent interview to discuss Blumhouse's Truth or Dare, stars Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey opened up to CinemaBlend and explained their ideas for how the film could be folded into the Paranormal Activity world. Tyler Posey kicked things off by saying:

Tyler: This kind of works with Paranormal.Lucy: A Paranormal Activity Truth or Dare?Tyler: What if Calix is the demon from Paranormal Activity?Lucy: Or it would be fun to do Truth or Dare but documentary style. You know? Like Paranormal is. Because it's always scarier when it's done like that because your brain automatically goes to 'oh this really happened.'

In terms of genre and style, it arguably wouldn't be that big of a reach for Truth or Dare and Paranormal Activity to work with each other. Both rely on demonic possession and both heavily lean on the presence of technology and social media to establish their worlds. Truth or Dare does not feature any found footage sequences (which has been the go-to format for Paranormal since the beginning), but a sequel could bridge the gap and establish that the Calix demon from this latest horror romp may have connections to the other franchise.

Of course, the stars of Truth or Dare were not the only ones with some ideas on this matter. In fact, director Jeff Wadlow similarly chimed in during our interview with him later that day, and he admitted that he could see Insidious actress Lin Shaye showing up in the Truth or Dare world, or he could also see Get Out director Jordan Peele stepping in to take the reins on a potential sequel. Wadlow elaborated:

Oh, I don't know! Could Lin Shaye show up suddenly in Truth or Dare!? Or maybe we should just let Jordan Peele direct the sequel, and they can just pay me, and I can go on vacation? I don't know, that would be great, right?

Want a closer look at those interviews? Then make sure to check out a clip from the Truth or Dare press day, below!

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