Yes, John Krasinski Thought About Farts In A Quiet Place

John Krasinksi A Quiet Place

The core concept of A Quiet Place is incredibly simple, but it is also incredibly effective. If you make a noise, the monsters in the area will hear you and kill you. As a result of this, seemingly minor sounds can turn the world of A Quiet Place into a life or death landscape, which raises the question of how noisy bodily functions factor into living in that universe. In fact, while addressing the world-building elements of the film, director John Krasinski explained that he absolutely thought about the role that farts would play in the lives of the Abbott family. Explaining a conversation he had with young actor Noah Jupe, Krasinski said:

He said, 'What happens if we need to cough?. Well you guys would know to pick up a pillow and cough into the pillow' [...] I only imagine now little Noah putting a pillow on his behind and farting into a pillow, knowing that it would save his life. Just try to crop-dust, as long as they're not loud and violent you're going to be fine.

Leave it to the teenage boy to ask about farts; that just makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Noah Jupe apparently asked John Krasinski to explain the logic of how the Abbott family could fart without the monsters hearing them in the world of A Quiet Place, and it seems that Krasinski actually thought that idea through more than we would've expected. According to the actor-director: you have to be careful and make sure that it is not going to be very loud. If you can make that determination, then you will be all right.

Though John Krasinski's comments to Empire may seem like a joke (and, in all fairness, it is pretty funny), this actually points to one of the coolest aspects of A Quiet Place. The extraterrestrial monsters are not the only enemy in this universe; the sound is an enemy as well. It creates a landscape in which any sound generated by a human can make for a fantastic set piece, and it leaves us wondering what an involuntary sneeze, a cough, or even a fart could do when trying to stay silent. We do not actually know if a sequel to A Quiet Place is happening just yet (though we have heard that ideas have been thrown around), but these are all ideas that could easily factor into another journey into this world.

A Quiet Place is now in theaters and making some serious noise at the box office in the process. Make sure to check out CinemaBlend's in-depth review of John Krasinski's horror-thriller to learn what all of the fuss is about and check it out on the big screen to see for yourself!

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