Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty Will Probably Make Less At The Box Office Than Trainwreck Or Snatched

Renee with her friends in I Feel Pretty

Amy Schumer has really hit it big in the past few years. The comedian worked hard in the stand up world for years before eventually booking her web series Inside Amy Schumer, which was promptly adapted into a real Comedy Central TV show. The sketch show allowed the comedian/actress to show her perspective on the world, and act in a variety of ridiculous scenes. Quickly become a viral sensation, Schumer began acting major movie deals, starting with Judd Apatow's Trainwreck. Schumer's next silver screen appearance will be in I Feel Pretty, although it now looks like it won't make nearly as much money at her most recent projects.

Early projections for I Feel Pretty have the new Amy Schumer movie making around $13 million-$15 million during its opening weekend. While this is still a fair enough showing, it's far below the opening hauls for both Trainwreck and last summer's Goldie Hawn movie Snatched. Trainwreck made a ton of money after word of mouth helped it become a significant pop culture moment, taking $30.1 million in its opening weekend before cleaning up during its run. Meanwhile, Snatched opened to a more modest $19.5 million. While the verdict is still out regarding I Feel Pretty's critical performance, the decline in bankability for Schumer is no doubt concerning those involved.

While THR's early projections, for I Feel Pretty don't look as promising as Amy Schumer's past summer hits, there are some upsides going into its opening weekend. Mainly, that there isn't a ton of competition. The last big hit comedy was Blockers, although that's been in theaters for a few weeks new. Ultimately I Feel Pretty is going to be going up against Super Troopers 2, but they're not necessarily going to draw the same type audiences. And rather than a long awaited sequel, Schumer's movie provides a new story for moviegoers.

I Feel Pretty stars Amy Schumer as Renee, a hopelessly insecure girl living in New York City. She has poor self image, not seeing her own beauty, while also lamenting the state of her professional life. But after hitting her head in a near tragic Soul Cycle class, Renee suddenly believes she's the most beautiful woman in the world-- although she looks exactly the same to everyone else.

Part of the reason for these less than ideal opening projections may be due to some of the conversation revolving around I Feel Pretty. When the trailer first arrived, some critics took umbrage with the theme of the movie. They believed it was problematic that Amy Schumer's character only feels good when she believes she's a knockout. Ultimately everyone involved in the film has maintained they've handled the subject matter with respect, urging skeptics to see I Feel Pretty before passing judgement.

All will be revealed when I Feel Pretty arrives in theaters April 20, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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