Trainwreck Just Dropped One Of The Most Sexually Explicit Promos Ever

What's the fastest way to make John Cena blush? If you're Amy Schumer, feed him a glass of wine and describe yourself. That's exactly what the comedian does in the brief but hilariously sexually explicit promotional video for Trainwreck below.

Warning: This video contains very adult, very NSFW language. Enjoy...

For the "Amy Goes Deep" segment, the 30-second spot begins with Amy Schumer asking her Trainwreck co-star John Cena how he sees himself. When he finds it difficult to answer, Amy shows him how easy it is by describing herself. In her words, she has an "ass that doesn't quit" and "pussy for weeks. Huge puss."

Ok, Amy, you have our attention. Go on...

I'm not done! Pussy for days! It's HUGE! You ever go to Howe Caverns?

Howe Caverns. Well, that just throws an entirely different context on an otherwise family-friendly tourist attraction.

Amy ends her description by smiling girlishly at him, and of course, John Cena can't keep a straight face through any of this. The pro-wrestler-slash-actor turns red and quietly laughs...


Amy Schumer's making a lot of people laugh these days. The actor and comedian isn't just starring in Judd Apatow's latest, which Schumer also happened to write. She also just nabbed herself an Emmy nomination for her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer. Comedy Central's got to be feeling pretty great about that. The basic cable channel also happens to be behind the above TV spot, among others. Seriously, if you thought the above video was TMI, probably don't watch this one.

As for John Cena, he's all smiles and blushes in the above spot, but we see an angrier side of him in this Trainwreck scene...

It seems like this isn't the first time Cena's character Steven has been drawn into an altercation, but it seems almost too easy to get a reaction out of him. Something tells me that's not going to end well for someone.

Trainwreck arrives in theaters this weekend (July 17). Written by Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow, it stars Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn and John Cena. Read our review here.

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