Final Deadpool 2 Trailer Is Explosive And Hysterical, Watch It Now

The final trailer tends to be the most action-packed. The effects are finished. The jokes are finalized. The final bow is being placed on the whole gift, and the movie is heading to cinemas. That's the case with this last trailer for David Leitch's Deadpool 2, which is crammed with violence and thrills, as well as some killer self-referential punchlines. Watch it now!

Quick, rank your favorite jabs from the trailer! Mine has to be when Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) calls Cable (Josh Brolin) "One-Eyed Willy," a classic Goonies reference thrown back in Brolin's face. But because Deadpool is propping up 21st Century Fox's cinematic universe, I equally enjoyed the digs at Marvel -- when Brolin is called Thanos -- and that sweet swipe at DC for being so damn dark.

The final trailer for Deadpool 2 also makes it clear that Cable (Josh Brolin) and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) are on opposite sides of a race to secure a mysterious kid (Julian Dennison), though it's for reasons we can't quite figure out yet. We know that Cable time travels back to our era from a ravaged future, so in classic Terminator fashion, Dennison's character, Russell, might hold the key to stopping whatever war Cable has been fighting in the future. It's also curious why Deadpool would even WANT to help this kid. He's pretty self-serving, so the fact that he wants to put a team together at all is surprising.

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Ah yes, the team. This final trailer does confirm the names of the characters being played by the likes of Terry Crews (Bedlam), Lewis Tan (Shatterstar) and Rob Delaney. The comedian is poised to steal the show as he's playing Peter, a normal guy with no powers who just saw Deadpool's ad looking for teammates and signed on. The shot of him parachuting down into battle wearing his best Suburban Dad outfit made me laugh out loud.

So, now you are fired up for Deadpool 2, and you want tickets. Good. They are actually on sale as we speak. Head to The site has an elaborate set up that lets you pre-order tickets, with showtimes planned in your market at participating theaters. And over at Fandango, they have a deal, Order your tickets through them now, and you will receive this original artwork from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld!

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on May 18. It's sandwiched between two massive tentpoles in Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story. How do you think it will fare at the box office?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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