After 18 movies and 10 years, here we finally are at the beginning of the end for this iteration of the MCU. Avengers: Infinity War was built from years worth of storytelling that helped set the Avengers in place for the true ending to it all in Avengers 4. It's a colossal effort to be sure, and plenty of fans have been having their own marathons to prepare for Infinity War. Maybe you don't have a spare 31 hours to devote to watching these movies and your memory is a little shaky on 18 movies worth of content. Have no fear, because we here at CinemaBlend have nothing but time for this sort of activity.

The MCU might go down as the most sprawling epic in recent cinema history, but it's understandable if people aren't totally up to date on this Doctor Strange guy or which Chris is which. Not every single thing that has happened in the MCU is going to matter for Infinity War, but there are a few key details to familiarize with before Thursday night. Here are 9 MCU points you need to remember before Infinity War.

The Avengers Are Split Up

Technically speaking, the Avengers are still a team being led by Tony Stark, but the larger unit has been split apart and several members aren't exactly on good terms. Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers were divided right down the middle, with some sticking with Captain America, some siding with Iron Man, and the rest just quitting altogether. When the movie opens, don't be surprised if some of these guys haven't spoken to each other in a while, but the real beef is going to be between Cap and Tony. A purple spaceman gaining the powers of a god isn't really the best time to be having a fight, so can the Avengers set aside their differences and work together?

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Have Been A Team For 4 Years

On the other side of space, the Guardians of the Galaxy have never been better. It's easy to remember because the movie doesn't really broadcast it, but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 only takes place a few months after the first movie, which took place in 2014. Therefore, the Guardians have been together for about four years, making them a more cohesive unit than the Avengers are at this point. We don't know what else the Milano crew has been up to during this time, but they've turned themselves into a lean, galaxy saving team.

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