Watch Deadpool Crash Hugh Jackman's Hotel Room In Fun New Video

Hugh Jackman is officially done playing Wolverine on the big screen, but it's a role that he'll be associated with forever. As such, it's not shocking that he still has occasional run-ins with characters from that world. Recently, Jackman was trying to record a birthday greeting for somebody, when he kept being rudely interrupted by somebody singing show tunes in his hotel room. Check out Deadpool's rendition of "Tomorrow" while hanging out on Hugh Jackman's bed.

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It's an odd scene to be sure. Hugh Jackman is recording a video message, with a camera being held by a third party, while in a bathrobe, and Ryan Reynolds is lounging on the bed singing. There is an explanation, at least for some of it.

The setup was actually part of a video that was shown to attendees of this week's CinemaCon. The video opens with Deadpool explaining why the Chairman of Fox wasn't at the event in person, he was passed out on the hotel bed, wearing Hugh Jackman's P.T. Barnum coat from The Greatest Showman. Hugh Jackman then comes out of the bathroom in the robe, brushing his teeth. Jackman tells the man he can keep the coat, then begins to banter with Deadpool.

It seems that this video was filmed in the same room following the one shown at CinemaCon. Whether this was really part of an attempted birthday message to a friend or just an excuse to post a funny video with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds isn't clear, nor does it matter, because it's hilarious. It's possible that Hugh just took the opportunity of having Ryan Reynolds in the room to make something funny for whoever he wanted to wish a happy birthday. Let's be honest, it's what we'd all do.

In the end, all this does is make me wish Hugh Jackman wasn't done playing Logan because these two have great chemistry and it would be awesome to see them work together on the big screen. Of course, Logan would be a lot less accommodating od Deadpool's ridiculousness than Hugh Jackman is, but that would be a large part of the fun.

While we'll never see Hugh Jackman back in an X-Men movie, we will be seeing Deadpool very soon, as Deadpool 2 is the next major studio tentpole release now that Avengers: Infinity War is finally here. It's two weeks away, giving Marvel's massive money maker time for everybody to see it, which will likely help Deadpool 2 attract a healthy audience. While Hugh Jackman may not be in it, if the first Deadpool is any indication, there's likely to be plenty of jokes at his expense.

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