Watch CinemaBlend's Wolverine Superfan Interview Hugh Jackman

It was the opportunity of a lifetime. When the studio suggested the idea, it was so cool, I almost couldn't believe that it was going to be possible. Hugh Jackman wanted to celebrate his final turn as Wolverine in the upcoming movie, Logan, by being interviewed by die-hard fans from around the country. All we had to do was find one. So the search was on. We launched a program asking for homemade videos proving how passionate you were about Logan. And boy, did we receive some incredible submissions from rabid Wolverine fans far and wide. Our choice? Caitlin Elam, of Anchorage, Alaska, whose emotional connections to Wolverine -- and to Hugh Jackman -- were hard to ignore. We took her to New York City. She interviewed Hugh Jackman. Here's her incredible story:

I was lucky enough to tag along on Caitlin Elam's journey, made possible by the good folks at 20th Century Fox. And what an amazing trip it turned out to be. First off, in case you missed that, Caitlin flew from Anchorage to Manhattan for the opportunity to meet and interview Hugh Jackman. I'm pretty sure she spent more time in airplanes than she did on the ground in New York City to make this happen.

There's also something unique and special about watching a Wolverine movie with a die-hard Wolverine fan. And Logan, in particular, which is a proper and emotional send off to a character that Hugh Jackman has been developing for 17 years. We're all getting a chance to say goodbye to the mangy mutant on screen this weekend. Caitlin Elam, however, got the opportunity to say goodbye, and thank you, to the man who played Logan for all of those years: Mr. Hugh Jackman.

The actor was so moved by Caitlin, and her story, that he asked to take a picture with her... which he promptly Tweeted to his nearly 7.6 million followers. And in that Tweet, he sent a message to Caitlin's sweet daughter, Abigail. What a class act! And what a lucky girl.

Hugh Jackman's Logan Tweet

Thank you to ALL of the die-hard Wolverine fans who entered for a chance to meet and interview Hugh Jackman during the Logan farewell tour. It was an extremely difficult process to narrow down the submissions to one winner, and we really wish we could have brought you all. Click here to see a montage of our submissions to get a whiff of real Wolverine fandom.

And, of course, make sure that you check out Logan, which opens in theaters tonight. It's High Jackman's last turn in the claws, and as I noted in my five-star review, he saved the absolute best for last.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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