A few days ago, a photo surfaced online of actor Jet Li looking frail, sickly and well beyond his years. People were shocked and dismayed to see the Fearless actor, known for his boyish looks and sprightly moves onscreen, in such a state, and there was a subsequent outpouring of concern for the health of the martial arts movie legend. The worry and concern of his fans for his well-being eventually found its way back to Jet Li himself, and the actor has reached out to put everyone at ease, letting them know that he is feeling great. Check out his response to the recent fan concerns, below:

It is certainly reassuring for Jet Li to have reached out like this to let everyone know that he isn't in the dire state that fans feared. You can also see in the photos he posted on his Facebook that he is walking upright on his own and doesn't look nearly as old or frail as he did in that original picture. It is great to hear that he is feeling good and seems to be in good spirits. Also letting his fans know that he has projects that he is working on is encouraging, indicating that if he is healthy enough to work, things aren't as bad as they seemed.

You can check out the original post that caused such shock and worry below to see how different Jet Li appears in it and why people were worried about the actor, who is only 55.

You can understand why this photo caused such consternation, but it is also easy to see how it could be misleading towards the actor's health. The lighting here is deeply unflattering and as such it makes Jet Li look much older than he is, as it would for most people captured in such light. His posture also makes him look like he is being held up, but from Jet Li's post you can see that probably isn't the case. Simply put, this was just a bad photo, it happens.

Part of the concern was undoubtedly due to Jet Li appearing in a photo looking so much different than the Jet Li we are used to seeing in movies. We are used to seeing a Jet Li with boyish features and a head of hair. Yet, he is now a 55-year-old man and like many he has gone grey and lost his hair. He is also suffering from hyperthyroidism, which can cause weight loss and fatigue, among a number of other symptoms. Plus I imagine doing wushu at such a high-level from such a young age is probably pretty rough on your joints in the long run.

I'm sure it probably doesn't feel great for people to worry that you are old and sickly, but hopefully the knowledge that he is so beloved and so many people care about him, that concern for his health caused such an uproar is touching. Fortunately, Jet Li is doing well and we can look forward to seeing him back onscreen in the future -- perhaps in that next Expendables film?

If not in the action franchise, one of Jet Li's upcoming projects is the upcoming Disney live-action remake of Mulan, where he is signed on to play the emperor of China. Mulan hits theaters on March 27, 2020. For movies hitting theaters a little bit sooner, check out our 2018 release schedule.

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