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It is no secret that we are currently in the midst of an exciting time in the horror genre, with quality and creativity generating interest and recognition that the genre hasn't had for some time. While this renaissance has seen horror flicks praised for their social commentary, technical brilliance or storytelling, for many, the main gauge of a horror film's success is whether or not it is scary. And by that metric, the Spanish-language film Veronica is a rousing success. Veronica is currently streaming on Netflix and it is apparently so scary that some users aren't even able to finish it. You can check out the reactions of people who just couldn't handle it below:

It is high praise indeed if your horror movie is literally too scary for some people to watch. Veronica comes from Spanish director Paco Plaza, who also directed the [REC] trilogy. Like many of the best scary stories, Veronica is based on actual events. I won't go into too much detail about what actually happens to avoid spoilers, but you can look up the Vallecas Case if you want a primer for your experience. Inspired by real events, Veronica tells the story of teen girl who plays Ouija with her friends and then faces an onslaught from supernatural forces. A simple enough premise but one that has proven wildly effective in scaring its audience as the below tweet proves:

Seeing scary movies in theaters with a crowd is a lot of fun, but for a movie that has poltergeist-type happenings, watching at home alone is ideal, when every creak, scratch and rustle you hear finds the movie extending out beyond the screen and infecting your environment with fear. However, this is simply too much for some, as they nearly lose control of their bodily functions.

Yeah, this movie sounds like it is just further evidence that Ouija boards are not to be trifled with and should all probably be rounded up and buried in the desert somewhere. The Ouija board premise is far from novel, heck there is already a horror series titled Ouija, so it speaks to the quality of Veronica that such reactions are being generated from a premise that has been done before. It sounds like the best strategy to make it through Veronica is to pace yourself and take breaks as one Twitter user recommended:

Naturally, as with anything with a lot of hype around it, there have been plenty of naysayers who didn't find it scary. But for every one of those there were others who did finish it and praised the filmmaking and the horror. You can judge for yourself by watching Veronica on Netflix now. After that, you can check out all of the other shows and movies coming to the streaming service next month with our guide. For all the latest in how to have a nightmare-filled slumber, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.