Angelina Jolie's Next Project May Be An Alice In Wonderland And Peter Pan Reimagining

Maleficent Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie just started work on the sequel to Maleficent, but it now appears that her next movie could be a slightly different reimagining of a pair of very different fairy tales. Jolie is in talks to for a role alongside David Oyelowo in Come Away, a film that will act as a sort of prequel to both Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

The film was written by Marissa Kate Goodhill, in her feature debut, and, according to Deadline, will be directed by Brave's Brenda Chapman, marking her debut directing live-action. The story focuses on two children, who lose another sibling in a tragic accident. This causes their parents, played by Jolie and Oyelowo, to fall into despair. The children attempt to rescue their parents but they are eventually forced to choose between their difficult home life and their imagination. You see, one of these children becomes Alice in Wonderland, while the other becomes Peter Pan.

Clearly, Come Away is going to be a much more serious drama than it might at first appear. It seems to be more about children coping with loss by escaping into fantasy more than it is about the actual fantasy. Still, the idea of Peter Pan and Alice being brother and sister is certainly an interesting connection to create between those two fantasy stories. Both tales follow children who go to other worlds. One refuses to grow up while the other goes to a place that refuses to make sense. The idea that they are both means of escape for children having trouble with reality isn't a large leap to make.

Alice in Wonderland Peter Pan

This is a far cry from Angelina Jolie's current project, a straight-up fairy tale movie that will see her return as Maleficent in the sequel to the movie that kickstarted Disney's love affair with reimaginings and recreations of their animated classics. The first Maleficent retold the story of Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the iconic villain. Now, the new film will take a step into uncharted territory, as Disney's animated film never had a sequel, so the new movie will be entirely original.

In addition to starring in the new film. David Oyelowo will also produce the feature via his Yoruba Saxon Productions banner.

Brenda Chapman hasn't directed a movie since 2005's Brave, though she's credited as a writer on Disney's new adaptation of The Lion King which is currently in production.

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