Star Wars Themed Burlesque Show Empire Strips Back Is Heading To The US

Butts and underwear are in this story, people. NSFW.

Good news Star Wars fans: Whether you've already seen Solo: A Star Wars Story or are boycotting the franchise, if you still need a little Star Wars love in your life, it's coming. Burlesque show Empire Strips Back, which originated in Australia way back in 2011, is heading to the United States. It's first show will be tonight. More details on the show's female Luke Skywalker and more later in the story. But first, take a look at some burlesque Storm Troopers, below.

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The upcoming shows mark the first time the parody production has headed to the United States, and the show looks to be pulling out all the stops. The U.S. show will have a Tauntaun that will be ridden by cast members, and Jabba the Hut will take part in the show. In addition to the aforementioned female Luke Skywalker (who twerks to Nick Minaj), the above Storm Trooper line, and a dominatrix Darth Vader, we've also been given a first look at Empire Strips Back's Boba Fett in all her glory. (It's an especially timely post, considering the recent rumors about a Boba Fett movie.)

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I never thought I'd live to see the day where nipple tassles and lightsabers co-existed hand-in-hand (especially now that Disney owns Lucasfilm), but this parody has made it happen. The Guardian mentions the show has been particularly special in Australia because it has introduced thousands of people to the world of burlesque through a fandom for the Star Wars property. There was reportedly some "red tape" before bringing the show to the U.S., but Empire Strips Back was able to pull it off thanks to having similarities in parody law between the U.S. and Australia. Although a representative for the show definitively says that New Zealand will be a no-go.

Around these parts, porn parodies are a lot more common, and we've seen porn parodies for popular properties, including but not limited to Back to the Future, Guardians of the Galaxy and Justice League before. Maybe burlesque is the wave of the future?

Empire Strips Back is touring California through part of June. The show will kick off in Riverside tonight and will hit The Theatre at Ace Hotel on June 1. Following that will be dates in San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento and San Francisco. The final show -- so far -- will happen on June 9. If you live in any one of those locations, tickets are available, here. If not, be sure to follow the show on social.

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