Sophia Bush Lost It In A Restaurant When She Found Out She'd Be In Incredibles 2

Sophia Bush

A sequel often means going bigger and bolder within a particular universe. That's precisely the case with The Incredibles franchise, which is going for something much more expansive with the release of Brad Bird's Incredibles 2. Part of that involves the casting of Chicago P.D. alum Sophia Bush as a brand-new superhero who joins the franchise's newly-bolstered ensemble, and the actress was apparently very excited to get in on the Pixar action. In fact, during a recent interview, Bush noted that she freaked out in a restaurant when she learned that she would be in the movie. The actress explained:

I was in public and I opened [the e-mail] and screamed really loud. I still have the PDF of it in my phone. [It had] The Incredibles family at the bottom and [it was on] Pixar letterhead. It's very official and sweet. I opened it and I screamed and an entire restaurant full of people turned and looked at me, which was mortifying, but just so exciting. Kind of an out of body experience. This is a big bucket list thing for me and it happened.

Talk about awesome mail. So, it turns out that Sophia Bush didn't get a phone call when she was hired for Incredibles 2. Instead, she received an Incredibles-themed email from Pixar telling her that she got the job, and according to her recent interview with HelloGiggles, she had a powerful reaction that caused her to scream so loud that the entire restaurant she was sitting in began to stare at her. Of course, given the amount of love that many Pixar fans have for anything and everything in the Incredibles world, it's easy to understand why she had such a fundamentally visceral reaction to being cast.

For those of you who have not kept up with Sophia Bush's casting in Incredibles 2, she voices a character named Voyd. Part of a brand-new generation of superheroes, Voyd has the ability to project portals that she can use to transport people and objects in the blink of an eye -- think the Portal video game series ramped up on steroids. Her character is a massive fan of Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), and something tells us that part of the character's excitement stemmed from Bush's own enthusiasm for the project.

Incredibles 2 voyd sophia bush

Now it's a matter of waiting to see if there's a future for Voyd in Pixar's Incredibles universe. The Pixar sequel is already off to a great start at the box office, which means there seems to be audience enthusiasm for this franchise to continue. We don't have any concrete confirmation that Incredibles 3 is happening, but we would be willing to bet that Sophia Bush might want to come back if it eventually gets announced.

Make sure to catch Sophia Bush's work as Voyd in Incredibles 2, which is now in theaters! Beyond that, head over to our Incredibles 2 review to read what we have to say about the film and check out our movie premiere guide to see what else is coming this year!

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