6 Pixar Easter Eggs And References In Incredibles 2

The following contains spoilers for Incredibles 2.

One of the most fun parts of watching any Pixar movie is looking for the easter eggs hidden throughout it. Incredibles 2 was no exception in that regard. It's full of great easter eggs and references for eagle-eyed fans to locate, many of them follow a long-standing tradition at Pixar to include a collection of similar easter eggs in every feature.

If you were on the lookout for any of those frequent Pixar easter eggs and didn't get them, here's where you can find them when you go back to see it again. Because let's face it, you're going to go see it again, right?

The Underminer

John Ratzenberger

We'll do the obvious one first, if only because it appears first in the movie. John Ratzenberger has been called Pixar's good luck charm and he voices a character in every Pixar feature to date. Sometimes it's a major character, like Hamm in the Toy Story movies or Mack in Cars. Other times it's something quick, like his recent turn as Juan Ortodoncia in last year's Coco. Since we knew that Incredibles 2 was going to pick up immediately after the first film ended, we knew where Ratzenberger would be, voicing the Underminer who appeared at the end of the last film and who the Incredibles fight at the beginning of this one.

Luxo Ball

Luxo Ball

The Luxo Ball is one of Pixar's most iconic images, due to it appearing in the studio's very first short, John Lasseter's Luxo Jr., and it has appeared in every Pixar feature since in one form or another. Frequently, it's just sitting in the background doing nothing, and while there is a shot of a ball in the background of the scene where Lucius first learns about Jack-Jack's power, it's not clear that it's the ball in question. You can see a picture of the ball, however, as an image of the toy is noticeable as part of Jack-Jack's crib.

Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet Truck

Ever since Buzz and Woody hitched a ride on board the Pizza Planet delivery truck in the first Toy Story, it has been a regular part of nearly every Pixar film. Coincidently, the only Pixar movie where the Pizza Planet truck does not appear in is the original Incredibles. However, the truck does appear in the sequel. Near the end of the sequence where Elastigirl first fights the Screenslaver, the pair go tumbling out of a building and fall to the street below. When they do, you can see the truck parked on the right-hand side of the screen. The truck has been modified from its traditional design to match the movie's 1950s aesthetic, but the rocket ship logo is visible over the cab, making it clear what truck we're looking at.



A113 is one of the most popular easter eggs in movie history. It is especially prevalent in animated films because it's a reference to a classroom number at the California Institute of the Arts where many of the greats in animation studied. Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird is credited as the first to ever use the reference, and it's even part of his Twitter handle, so you could be sure this easter egg would be included. It's actually in the movie twice. First, it's the room number of Evelyn Deaver's office. Later, it's nearly impossible to miss. At the end of the movie, when Violet finally gets to go on her date with Tony, the film they go to see is listed on the theater marquee as DementiA 113, a reference to the Francis Ford Coppola movie Dementia 13, as well as the famous room number.

Chinese Food Box

Chinese Food Box

The distinctive Red Pagoda Chinese food box isn't as common an easter egg as many on this list, but every time a Pixar movie needs a Chinese food box, we get the exact same one. It first was seen in A Bug's Life but it's also appeared in Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., and Inside Out. It's possible you've spotted this one even if you haven't seen the movie, because the scene where the Parr family has Chinese food for dinner is in the trailers. It's seen again later in the movie as well holding the leftover the family didn't finish.

Toy Story

Toy Story 4

Every Pixar movie contains an easter egg which references the studio's upcoming project. In the case of Incredibles 2, that easter egg should be a reference to Toy Story 4, which is set to hit theaters in almost exactly a year. As such, you'd expect finding that easter egg to be easy, since we've seen a lot of that world already, but that's apparently not the case. The fact is that while we know that a Toy Story 4 easter egg is in the movie, we don't know where it is. Nathan Fariss, sets supervisor for Incredibles 2 had previously confirmed to Buzzfeed that the easter egg is there, but he didn't think anybody would actually notice it until after Toy Story 4 comes out. Odds are the easter egg is a character or object which is new to the franchise in the next movie, and thus we won't know if we caught it until we see it again in Toy Story 4.

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