Evangeline Lilly Had To Change Her Eating Habits To Fit In Her Ant-Man And The Wasp Costume

Evangeline Lilly

One of the coolest things heading in to this weekend's Ant-Man and the Wasp is finally getting to see Evangeline Lilly's superhero take center stage donning a badass costume that is all her own. The Wasp costume was teased in Ant-Man, but now we're finally seeing it in action. The actress has spoken at length about the costume and how it's actually not that uncomfortable once she's able to get it on (with the help of three other people). Although looking that cool and maintaining that level of comfort requires making some sacrifices. In this case, that means changing her eating habits, as Evangeline Lilly explained:

I have to eat in very small quantities all through the day, instead of like a sit-down meal. I'm a big sit-down meal kind of gal. I grew up in, you know, a blue collar home where you had three square meals a day and then you worked the rest of the day. I'm not that LA girl who's like, 'I'm just going to have a nibble and then I'll be back.' That's not my style, no, but yeah in this costume that's me.

I like how honest Evangeline Lilly is here speaking to Everyday Dish on KDVR, admitting to not being one of the stereotypical actresses who somehow survive on small bites throughout the day. Like many of us, she'd rather sit down and have a full meal. But being a big screen superhero requires compromise, so for Ant-Man and the Wasp, she had to become that "LA girl" she described and eschew her preferred routine of a full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Evangeline Lilly has touched on this before, saying that the suit is already tight to breathe in, and it definitely doesn't allow you to eat large quantities at a time and still fit in it. So she nibbled on bee pollen during her time as the Wasp. Fortunately, even though it goes against what Evangeline Lilly is accustomed to, eating in small quantities throughout the day is probably a bit easier during the long days on set versus just being at home and falling in to that pattern.

Superhero costumes are extremely tight, and sadly, there is no real-life Edna Mode who can make costumes that allow you to breathe, eat whatever you want and be comfortable while still looking good. At least Evangeline Lilly seems to actually really like her costume and enjoy being a kick ass superhero, whereas some of her MCU comrades have absolutely hated their costumes before coming around.

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All that nibbling on bee pollen was worth it too judging by her performance in the film. Evangeline Lilly's Wasp is a believable badass in the costume who moves with grace and ferocity and steals every action scene she's in. Hopefully this is just the beginning and Evangeline Lilly will be rocking that costume in MCU films for years to come.

You can see how it all paid off for Evangeline Lilly and Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp, in theaters now. Be sure to buy the right ticket, and after you've seen it, come back to let us know what you thought and take a look at all of the lingering questions we now have.

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