The Bumblebee Spinoff Will Include The Transformers' Homeworld

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The upcoming Bumblebee spinoff may be a "different" movie compared to the previous Transformers installments, but like any good adaptation of preexisting source material, it's still pulling from the established mythology. One of the main elements of the Transformers lore is that the robots in disguise hail from Cybertron, which was ravaged by war, hence why the cybernetic beings set up shop on Earth. The majority of Bumblebee will be set on our world. but at San Diego Comic-Con, director Travis Knight revealed that we will visit Cybertron during the spinoff, adding:

Let me say, it is awesome.

Travis Knight dropped this tidbit of information at the Paramount Pictures SDCC presentation last Friday, though he wouldn't elaborate further on how Cybertron fits into the movie. My two best guesses are that A, we'll see it in a flashback, or B, it will appear at the opening of Bumblebee, possibly by cluing us in on how Bumblebee made it from his homeworld to Earth. Either way, those of you who've wanted to see more of Cybertron on the big screen are having your wish granted.

As revealed in 2007's Transformers, the AllSpark was responsible for creating life on Cybertron, and for millennia, the planet was a peaceful place. But when war broke out for possession of the AllSpark, Cybertron, while not destroyed, essentially became a wasteland, and the only way to return the world back to normal was by using the AllSpark, which was hidden on Earth. That's what the Autobots intended to do in Transformers, but it eventually became necessary to use the AllSpark to kill Megatron (who wanted to build an army with the cube), thus making the restoration of Cybertron impossible. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Sentinel Prime tried to transport Cybertron directly next to Earth and intended to use humans as slaves to rebuild it, but he was unsuccessful. Then came Transformers: The Last Knight, where Quintessa, the creator of the Cybertronians, tried to restore Cybertron by draining Unicorn, a.k.a. Earth's core. Although Optimus Prime and his allies were able to Quintessa and save Earth, she had drained enough of Earth's energy that in the present day, Cybertron is now habitable once again.

Since Bumblebee is set in 1987, 20 years before the first Transformers movie, Cybertron is still uninhabitable, though if the spinoff goes the flashback route, perhaps we'll get a taste of what the planet was like at its best thousands of years ago. In any case, Bumblebee's main story will revolve around the eponymous protagonist meeting Hailee Steinfeld's Charlie Watson and avoid being hunted down not just by Sector 7, but also three Decepticons: Shatter, Dropkick and Blitzwing.

Bumblebee rolls out into theaters on December 21, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates. You can also look through our 2018 release schedule to find out what other movies are arriving later in the year.

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